Estonian must-try foods and drinks

Merje Aus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Everyone knows that in order to get a truly authentic experience while traveling, it is essential to try local food. To get a true taste of Estonia, don’t forget to taste these must-try foods and drinks.

Root beer – an interesting alcohol-free beverage

Let’s start with refreshing drinks. While Es[tonia]( has a lot of small breweries, and endless sorts of beers, the best choice of alcohol-free drink is the root beer (called “kali” in Estonian). It is a traditional fermented beverage, made from rye bread, and if you haven’t tried it before, it will be an interesting new taste, something between a beer and a soda. You can try it in most of the restaurants, and it's possible to find it on the shelves of all the stores in Estonia. You can get ice-cold root beer from the beer bar Põrgu in Tallinn.

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Sprat sandwich – a salty snack

If you are looking for a tasty little snack, try sprat sandwich. This simple sandwich consists of rye bread, sprat, boiled egg and onion. Even though it might not look very delicious, it is a flavor made in heaven. There is no way to have a dinner party without sprat sandwich in any Estonian home. It is easy to make at home, but many cafés offer it. For example, café Komeet on the top of the Solaris center in Tallinn has a beautiful view and a la carte sprat sandwiches.

Picture © Credit to: iStock/artenex

Aspic, sauerkraut, and pork for a hearty meal

During the summer, Estonians eat light food, mostly grilled meat, fresh salads, and some fresh berries from the garden. However, in the wintertime, we get back to our roots and eat heavier food. Classic foods that** every Estonian eats are aspic, sauerkraut, and pork. Aspic might not be for everyone – it is basically a meat jelly. But if you manage to find it, you should give it a try. Sauerkraut is famous as German food, but Estonians have also learned to love it. In ancient times, sauerkraut was a source of C-vitamin during the long winter period, and pork is traditionally the most popular meat choice in Estonia. The best place to get some authentic Estonian food is Golden Piglet Inn (Kuldse Notsu Kõrts**) – it is a true traditional restaurant.  

Picture © Credit to: iStock/Dar1930

Kama – finish a meal with a sweet note

Kama, a popular dessert in Estonia, was made in the ancient times from the last scraps found in the pantry of the farms. Who would have known that the mixture of barley, rye, oat,** and pea flour would still be one of the best desserts in modern Estonia today? Locals usually mix it with buttermilk to get a tasty drink. It is definitely a must-try because kama is not made anywhere else in the world. You can try the most traditional kama in Von Krahl in Tallinn**.

So, to get a truly authentic experience while visiting Estonia, don’t forget to check the must-try foods and drinks that all the Estonians love. They are not hard to find and are worth a taste.

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