Estonia's students mecca - Tartu

Merje Aus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia, located in the southern part of the country, is most famous for its university and a vibrant young crowd that goes with it. Tartu University is considered to be in the 2% of the world's best universities, and it really makes the city Estonia’s students mecca.

To start the day

Since you are in a hip environment, why not spend your night in a hostel? Hektor Design Hostel is not a place where you have to share your bunk bed with a weird hairy guy, who hasn’t washed himself in a year. The hostel is quite new and offers really cool rooms, great service and an affordable price. Located in the heart of creative scenery, it will inspire you. To start your day with a warm pie and a hot cup of freshly ground coffee, there is no better place than Werner café. The oldest cafe in Estonia has always been a favourite spot for students and lecturers. Stepping out, take a stroll in the small Old Town. Right in front of the Town Hall, you can find the sculpture and fountain of “The Kissing Students”, that has become the symbol of Tartu. If you happen to be with your loved one, don’t forget to kiss in front of it, for good luck. 

Cover picture © Credit to: iStock /RAndrey

Get to know Estonian culture

If you are yearning for some culture, go to the Estonian National Museum (ERM), devoted to Estonian ethnography and folk art. If you have the time to visit only one museum in Tartu, choose this one. When you stop admiring the architecture of this building, you can wander there for hours. If you didn’t know a lot about Estonians before, you will be an expert after visiting this must-see museum. For some fun, visit the Upside Down House right next to ERM. It is mandatory when you have kids with you! This fun house is… upside down, as the name suggests. It has everything – furniture, refrigerator, but it is all upside down! When you get over the dizziness, take as many funny pictures as you can, your social media friends will love them.  

Picture © Credit to: iStock/uskarp

To end the night

To finish your day in Tartu, take a seat in one of many pubs to have a pint and do some people watching. My personal favorite is an English pub, Big Ben. If you want to have a real student experience, choose students favorites from the menu. Fried potatoes, pickles, onion, ham, frankfurter and fried eggs are probably are some of the Tartu’s students most favorites. If you are as tireless as the students, the Old Town is full of different bars, pubs and clubs, where the night never ends, and the party never stops.  

Picture © Credit to: iStock/RAndrey

Estonia’s students mecca - Tartu is a paradise for students and why not for people young at heart. It is difficult to choose from all the museums and pubs, so you will probably want to stay for more than one day.    

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