Espejillos, a hidden gem with crystal-clear waters

Vanesa Zegada | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Amboró is one of the most impressive National Parks of Bolivia. And there, you will find a hidden gem called Espejillos. If you would like to swim in crystal-clear natural pools, surrounded by nature, keep reading because this place is for you.

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Less than two hours away from Santa Cruz de la Sierra city is located Amboró National Park. It is a large protected area filled with green nature. It is so large that several days are needed to visit its most popular natural wonders. Some of them are quite unique, as Giant Fern Forest, The Volcanoes of Amboró, and, of course, Espejillos, the beautiful site that we will be exploring today.

A 4x4 vehicle is a must once inside Amboró Park. A dirt road filled with mango and achachairu trees leads to Espejillos. So, if you happen to visit Espejillos during the fruit season (from December to February), you can pick up as many tropical fruits as you wish, of course, all for free.

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After a 30-minute drive inside Amboró, you will arrive at Espejillos. And once you cross its big camping and barbecue area, the magic starts.

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Espejillos means "little mirrors" because of its natural pool look. After just one minute of walking, you will see the first ones, but that is just the beginning. During the next 15 minutes of walk, you will find one after other crystal-clear natural pools, all this while you cross stone trails and wood bridges surrounded by green nature. Feel free to choose your favorite pool and enjoy it!

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But the best awaits you at the end of the trail. It is a beautiful 20-meter-high waterfall that ends in the largest pool of Espejillos. And, of course, this is another perfect place to swim!

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After that refreshing time, you might be hungry. Luckily, the area right outside of Amboró is full of open-air restaurants where you can enjoy delicious local food.

Finally, find out how a typical village looks like in this region. Make a stop in Porongo, a traditional village, where you might also find some local treats to taste.

© ZoomalMapa/Vanesa Zegada

Santa Cruz is full of natural wonders from one extreme to the other. Espejillos is one of them, located inside of the impressive Amboró National Park. It is an ideal location if you would like to spend a day swimming in crystal-clear pools, surrounded by nature.

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