Enjoy your vacation in Estonia’s summer capital Pärnu

Merje Aus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Estonia's capital is Tallinn, of course. But this small country is divided into smaller capitals – the winter capital, the autumn capital, the spring capital,** and of course, the summer capital, which is Pärnu. It is the best place to enjoy your summer vacation – to spend a day on the beach, walk in the old town, have a coffee in a cafe or take your mind off your busy life in one of many spas of Pärnu**.

Spend a day on the beach

Just a short walk away from the city centre, there is Pärnu Beach. At summertime, it is packed with attractions and people. It will never get boring – you can play minigolf, surf or just have a romantic walk on a seawall.

Picture © Credit to: iStock/arvelius

Step into the villas of a small seaside town

Once all your worries are washed away with salty and warm seawater and you have charged your batteries with the sun, don’t hesitate to take a walk around Pärnu. Besides the beach, this small resort is packed with beautiful and unique villas. Many of them are hotels and cafes where it’s nice to have a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy freshly baked cinnamon rolls.

Picture © Credit to: iStock/venemama

Peek into churches

Pärnu also surprises with its historical architecture. Be sure to step in St. Elizabeth’s Church, where you can find shelter from the hot sun and enjoy the view. It is the richest baroque church in Estonia, and one of the best organs in Estonia makes it a great venue for beautiful concerts.

Get to know Pärnu’s history in museums

Two must-see museums in Pärnu are Pärnu Museum and the Museum of New Art. The first one takes you on a fascinating journey through 11 000 years of history, from the Stone Age to the Soviet era, that made Pärnu the seaside resort it is today.  Museum of New Art will not fail to surprise you with modern art.

Enjoy best spa treatments in historical Mud Baths building

The best spa experience in Pärnu is definitely Hedon Spa. This spa is located in the building of the Mud Baths that have always been the most important symbols of the Pärnu resort. Before it became a fancy boutique spa it is today, it was as a bathing house from the year 1838.

Picture © Credit to: iStock/IVANVIEITO

The best place to enjoy your summer vacation in this part of Europe is in Estonia’s summer capital Pärnu. Great spas to take time off, warm beaches and small cafes make it a relaxing and fun adventure.

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