Enjoy a luxurious vacation in Tallinn

Merje Aus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

As you know, there are different kinds of travellers. There are plenty of backpackers who travel on a budget. Some travellers enjoy visiting museums, while others just want to breathe in nature. Some want to enjoy the expensive things that cities have to offer – the elegant hotels and excellent cuisine. Tallinn has something for everyone – you can have fun adventures in hostels with your friends or enjoy a luxurious vacation in* **the best hotels and restaurants. The city has a lot of world-class restaurants* and hotels with excellent service. Let's discover the best and most luxurious things that Tallinn has to offer.

Sleep like a star in the best hotels

When movie stars, famous people, politicians, or influential businessmen come to Tallinn, they usually choose the new Hilton Tallinn Park as a place to stay. And no wonder, this hotel was opened in the year 2016 and is sparkling new. Shiny black surfaces, art on the walls, the fancy golden theme, the relaxing spa, the best restaurants, and the casino make it a perfect spot for a posh stay. If you prefer staying in the Old Town, somewhere more romantic and elegant, book the Barons Hotel. This elegant boutique hotel has a long and interesting history. It was actually built as a bank in 1912, and the owners succeeded in preserving its authenticity. At the same time, it is still so modern that you don't have to worry about anything. The history of the city is preserved in the hotel's details - at Barons, you can find Estonia’s oldest elevator and even the original bank safes. Or you can just relax in the best spas that Estonia has to offer.

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Enjoy the best culinary experience

When it comes to the best restaurants in Tallinn, there is no match for the Tchaikovsky Restaurant, which is a world-class establishment and impossible not to enjoy. Choosing this restaurant of Russian cuisine will create a cherished memory for all those who want a special dinner. It is not just the food but also the atmosphere and the overall experience that make the restaurant so divine. The romantic music, the classic interior, and the food will make your taste buds sing. Don’t forget to try the caviar and wash it down with a glass of champagne; it is a feast fit for kings. Another restaurant to try is Art Priori, especially if you value art. Besides enjoying your meal, you can have a short walk around the restaurant. Art Priori's interior is full of valuable artworks from the best artists of Europe and Estonia.

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The best views accompanied by tasty cocktails

To finish your night, enjoy a cup of coffee or a tasty cocktail with the best view over Tallinn on the Radisson BLU SKY Hotel rooftop lounge, on the 24th floor. When the elevator doors open, you'll find yourself on a tall rooftop where you can see all of Tallinn. Take a look at the Old Town and watch the ships coming in from Finland and Sweden. The best time to be here is, of course, at sunset - the view is breathtaking. On Mondays there are jazz nights, to accompany your drinks with smooth music.

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Tallinn has a lot to offer for travellers who want to enjoy a luxurious vacation in elegant hotels, and who want to have an excellent culinary experience. High rooftop terraces make you feel as though Tallinn is in the palm of your hand.   

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