14 real-life iconic Emily In Paris locations you can visit right now

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July 4, 2022

The Emily in Paris locations you have to see in real life with this itinerary

Bonjour mon ami! If you’ve been binge-watching Emily in Paris and found yourself dreaming of wandering the same cobblestone streets as Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), look no further for the glitziest and most iconic hot spots of France’s capital with this Emily in Paris inspired itinerary. Curious? Follow me on Instagram and YouTube for more adventures!

Emily in Paris | Netflix

Watching Emily in Paris is like diving into an insider guide to the City of Light - from places Parisians actually hang out, to far-flung locales like BFF Camille’s family chateau in the French countryside. It’s a sneak peek into a more chic, sophisticated, and confectionary world - you just can’t help but want to explore these stunning filmed on-location places for yourself.

In this itinerary, you can do just that! Grab a pastry where Emily had her first taste of French baked goods, visit the restaurant inspired by where Chef Gabriel works (although we can’t guarantee that Lucas Bravo will be there to flash his charming smile), and see other iconic sights like the Jardin where Mindy sings La Vie En Rose. While we have several recommendations that take you in and out of Paris, the itinerary can be experienced in just the first three days by only staying in the city.

Emily and Mindy | Netflix

Day 1 - Paris

Alongside Lily Collins as Emily Cooper, the cosmopolitan destination of Paris is a leading lady in its own right. And while it’s a huge capital, the first day takes you within walking distance of Emily’s neighbourhood and her stomping grounds.

1. Start off in a tree-lined square in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, Place de l'Estrapade - where much of the show takes place. This is where you’ll find Emily’s apartment, and where Mindy hosted that birthday party for Emily out by the fountain. While the drama is long gone, the well-detailed sculpted fountain still anchors the square.

2. In the square’s corner, while Gabriel’s restaurant is called “Les Deux Compères”, you’ll find the real stand-in as an Italian bistro called Terra Nera. "Les Deux Compères" on the show looks exactly like it does in person! Yes, the stunning Parisian red-awnings are Terra Nera's original.

3. Feeling peckish? Next door is La Boulangerie Moderne where you can try the same pain au chocolat as Emily. That's right, this is where she Instagramed her first taste of French pastry and befriended the baker.

4. As you make your way to Jardin du Luxembourg, soak in the space that most Parisians consider their backyard. While Paris is a huge metropolis, this park is a massive space, with a carousel, with a palace that overlooks the lawn, with gorgeous flowers and green space for the whole public to enjoy.

5. Then remember the misadventures at the grand department store of season two? Step into La Samaritaine, where the fashion and shopping are unrivalled. This is where you can find any designer goods and luxury oozes in every corner. For those with an eye for design, the ceilings and various floors of La Samaritaine is just as fun to explore even if you don't end up walking out with a month's rent worth in designer bags.

Where to Stay in Paris on the Left Bank:

Budget - Hôtel des Ecrivains

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Mid-range - Grand Hotel des Balcons

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Luxury - Relais Christine

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Jardin du Luxembourg | Netflix

Day 2 - Paris

6. Your Parisian adventures continue today by crossing the Pont Alexandre III bridge. This is where the infamous perfume commercial was filmed in season one, with the Eiffel tower in the distance. Imagine yourself strolling along the banks, macaron in hand, watching the boats down below gently past by. The views from this bridge is impeccable - Paris at it's best.

7. Just across on the right side of the bank is Palais-Royal Garden where Emily and Mindy befriend each other for the first time. If you're solo traveling, maybe you'll meet your next BFF here? If you're traveling with someone or a group, then don't be shy - reenact singing La Vie En Rose like Mindy out in this lush garden.

8. A few steps away is a location every viewer will recognize, Place de Valois - which is the set to Savoir, the French marketing firm Emily works at. They say beauty is in its simplicity - and while this square is less flashier than the others surrounding it, there's a very distinct Parisian flair here.

9. Walking up the boulevard, you’ll find yourself at the Palais Garnier - where Lily Collins dons an Audrey Hepburn look when Emily attended the opera there. The opera theatre itself is a grand work of architecture and art. You can do a tour inside to see the red velvety seats and high theatrical stage. Or, just admire it from the outside as it's a sight to behold as one of Paris' landmarks.

10. Montmartre is a Parisian neighbourhood known for its art scene and bohemian vibe. It’s also home to La Maison Rose, that cute pink cafe adorned with ivy where Mindy and Emily catch up over coffee. This is a famous cafe long before it was featured on Emily in Paris, and how can it not be it's own star? The particular shade of pink adds such a benevolent hue to the city's streets.

11. In the corner is Rue de l'Abreuvoir, a scenic street where you can go to take your classic Parisian photos, as well as see where Emily had the Hästens bed campaign for work. Cobblestones, ivy sprouting on century-old buildings, and Sacré-Cœur Basilica looming in the background - this street really sums up best what makes this City of Light ever so charming.

12. End your day across the city at L'Atelier des Lumières, an art centre with a digital immersive video exhibition. It's a large gallery where you can step into the role of being in the art work itself. If you remember in season one, this is where Gabriel and Emily saw the Van Gogh exhibition. Sunflowers splashing across each other's bodies, music and art submerging them into a Van Gogh painting itself. Even when the Vincent Van Gogh exhibition has moved on, L'Atelier des Lumières always has a cool immersive art show to experience.

Where to Stay in Paris on the Right Bank:

Budget - Caulaincourt Montmartre

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Mid-range - Relais du Pré

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Luxury - Hotel Touraine Opera

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Camile and Emily on Rue de l'Abreuvoir | Netflix

Day 3 - Versailles

13. Legendary Versailles - many stories have been told about this renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take the direct train to just outside of Paris to spend the day at the Palace of Versailles. Probably one of the most regal places to be shot on location - this is where the season two finale of Emily in Paris took place.

This is where France's monarchy ruled, and one can only imagine what it was like for a young Marie Antoinette to rule from this gilded palace. The grounds are expansive - so give yourself a good chunk of day to explore it (including the train ride there and back from Paris). Walk through the palace’s gilded Hall of Mirrors and it’ll be like you attended the same fashion show that was in the series. We won't judge if you can't help but echo the infamous line "Let them eat cake" while strutting down these marble pillars.

As you roam through the magnificent rooms in the Palace of Versailles, don’t forget to also take a step out into the breath-taking gardens of Versailles. The art within how the green space is manicured and set up is an experience to stroll through itself.

Where to Stay in Versailles:

Budget - Hôtel Le Home Saint Louis

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Mid-range - Royal Hotel Versailles

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Luxury - Waldorf Astoria Versailles - Trianon Palace

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Palace of Versailles | Netflix

Day 4 - Chinon

14. Last on our Emily in Paris tour but certainly never the least. Top-down, radio blasting, hair in the wind - that’s the feeling of driving past picturesque vineyards of the French countryside. Just like Gabriel, Emily, and Camille, escape the loud city for a three-hour drive to the expansive estate of Château de Sonnay.

You may recognize this historical castle, located in Chinon, as Camile’s family home where they produce champagne. The exterior is exactly like it is - also family owned for generations. How lucky would it have been to grow up here? Even though we didn't spent our childhood roaming these historical hallways, there's a wine tour you can take to still have the same affect.

The interior of the chateau is also the same as shown in the show, with its huge wine cellar and old-world antiques. Paintings in gilded frames are hung in the hallways, and the wine cellar is just like how Emily explored the champagne tasting.

At the end of exploring the estate, have a glass or two - and c'est la vie!

Where to Stay in Chinon:

Budget - Hotel Agnès Sorel

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Mid-range - Au Relais Saint Maurice

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Luxury - Chinon hyper centre

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Château de Sonnay | Netflix

Map of Emily in Paris locations

From day to evening, Paris and its surroundings is bustling with limitless things to do. Bring your camera like Emily, and get ready to Instastory your adventure!

Check out the map of our Emily in Paris-inspired itinerary below:

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