Dry Bridge - an extraordinary flea market

Anano Chikhradze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Dry Bridge is a place that will definitely inspire you. You will see Tb[ilisi](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/tbilisi-a-capital-of-legends-tel8) from a totally different angle.

River Mtkvari (Kura) that flows in Tbilisi had several more branches in the past. Between those branches, there were small islands, on which fruit trees grew. Islands were connected through bridges, but they were so narrow that only donkeys caring fruits could pass through.

Since time was passing and the city was rapidly developing, the building of new bridges was required which could withstand new transport. In 1849-51 years, they built the bridge on one of the branches of Mtkvari River. The author of this bridge was Giovanni Skudier, an Italian architect. The bridge that exists today is built in 1962.

Time passed and this tributary of Mtkvari River dried out, so that is why people named it as “Dry Bridge.” Today we still call it in this way. I guess, while reading these lines, you are surprised and thinking, what is interesting about this bridge? Or in its name “dry?Why you have to know about the bridge under which water does not flow anymore?

The fact is that this bridge is very famous not only for locals but for Tbilisi’s visitors as well. Nowadays, Dry Bridge is a flea market of the best souvenirs and old, antique things. There you can explore many strange and interesting things. You will see not only the traditional, Georgian souvenirs that are very attractive for the tourists, but you will also find here the things from Second World War. Such as old medals, coins, old, hand-made silver and enamel jewelry and etc. In addition, there are different things that you can buy from the times of Soviet Union.

While walking through these rows, you feel like the past is alive in front of you.** Here are very talented street painters as well. Their paintings attract everybody’s attention. In their colorful canvas, you will feel the real Georgia**, as they successfully show our happy, free country full of hospitality. All tourists have the same feelings while visiting in Georgia.

Every day, many tourists visit the “Dry Bridge” with big curiosity. Don’t leave Georgia without checking this place, especially if you are interested in old things that might not care a big value at first sight, but they have a story worth attention and inspiration. This big and extraordinary flea market attracts you like a magnet and you don’t feel how time flies. The best time to visit this place is on weekends. Who knows, maybe you will find your thing exactly on the “Dry Bridge” about what you were dreaming before.

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