Drinking in Košice- best bars for a local night out

Andrea Kacirova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Exploring new places is always fun, and it does not have to be over even when the sun goes down. Experiencing a city's nightlife can be equally exciting and educating and actually a good way to meet some locals in a more relaxing setting. Of course, exploring nightlife does not need to be about alcohol, but when it is, I have the answer to the most critical question. Where to get drunk in Košice?


Golem is a beer pub, brewery and a restaurant in Košice, probably one of the oldest and most popular ones. Why people love it so much? Well, everything changes very quickly, there are a lot of new bars and hang out places, but if you are looking for some kind of security in your life, this place will not disappoint you. Do not expect fancy interiors, but do expect amazing beer. In Golem, they brew their own unfiltered signature beer that every local knows and recommends!

© pivogolem

Dobré Časy

If you are a true beer-lover, Dobré Časy is the place to be. You can find here many kinds of beer from smaller local breweries as well as bigger ones. Not just Slovak breweries but also craft beers from Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, or Denmark, for example, can all be found here. You can buy here also a local bottled beer as a souvenir. And of course, there is also a menu full of delicious dishes that go well with your beer.

© dobrecasykosice

Enoteca Centro

Enoteca Centro will definitely take you on a trip to Tuscany. This winery is a hidden gem, undoubtedly one of the best wineries in Košice. It is really hidden because it is a bit off the main street, and there are no obvious signs on the outside, but usually, that means that the place will find its crowds even without promoting, and that means quality. Have a glass of house wine and fresh cheese and meat cuts. Part of the winery is also a store with Italian goodies. 

© Enotecacentro

Little Havana

Little Havana is a small cocktail bar that locals love. The main reason is the family atmosphere that a lot of other cocktail bars miss. The reason number two is a premium selection of alcohol and cocktails and, last but not least, its very reasonable prices. This bar is also located on the same street as two music clubs. So if you are in the mood for dancing, you will probably head there straight from Little Havana.

© nasakarta


Slávia is situated in one of the most iconic buildings in Košice, which is an art Nuovo hotel with a luxurious restaurant, bar, and cafe. This place always attracted elites of the city, that like to come here to discuss the hottest news. Nothing changed, really. In Slávia, you can still chat with your friends over a glass of Bellini. You can also try one of their signature drinks. Quality in this fancy setting is guaranteed.   

© kaviarenslavia

Getting drunk in Košice can be quite an experience. There are many amazing breweries with craft beers, charming wineries with a wide selection of Slovak and Italian wines and cocktail bars where you can try out your favorite drink. Pick your favorite spot, and enjoy your night out. Cheers!

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