Dordrecht: The most Ancient City in the Netherlands

Alara Benlier | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Dordrecht is the fourth biggest city in the whole Netherlands with a magnificent history. The first historical mention was from 846 with the Vikings. The city was very important trade city in 12th and 13th Century and it played a crucial role in the European Reformation in 15th and 16th Century. And due to a flood in 1421, the city became an island! Today, the city known as its steel and wood industry. The city kept very well and the best way to explore the city is by foot. It is also very close to Rotterdam and there is direct service from Amsterdam and also from Den Haag.

The city center is good maintained and very picturesque. The old merchant houses, the beautiful streets and cozy architecture are definitely eye candy. You can sit in a restaurant and enjoy your food next to the calm river. There are also lots of antique shops that you can find unique items. You can also visit the city with a boat which is also very common transportation method in here.

The most amazing sightseeing in Dordrecht is the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe-Kerk Church was built in between 1285 and 1470. The church contains 67 bells and one of them is 9830 kg! You can enter the church free but climbing the tower costs 1 Euro. I don't recommend climbing into the tower if you are claustrophobic because the way is very narrow to the top. The medieval clock also still works!

The most famous museum in Dordrecht is the Dordrechts Museum. In the entry of the museum, the tall beautiful trees salute you. The museum established in 1842 and full of amazing paintings. Don't forget that the museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 11.00-17.00. The museum also has a restaurant.

If you want to be in nature then you should visit the Biesbosch which is one of the largest national parks in the Netherlands. You can walk, row or swim in this national park.

If you want to check the windmills -which is a great icon of the Netherlands-, you can check the brick windmill called Kyck over den Dyck! The windmill was built in 1612 and used to produce beer!

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