Domain Bokrijk: where a fairy tale comes to life

Nestled in the greenery of Genk, Province of Limburg in Belgium, Domain Bokrijk is not an average open-air museum. The domain comprises over a hundred buildings scattered around, ready to introduce to their visitors the life of yesteryear of the Flemish countryside. If you are eager to discover how the Belgian customs and traditions came into being, do not miss to visit this mystical and magical part of Belgium. Enjoy nature and dive into the history of Belgian craftsmanship in Domain Bokrijk, where a fairy tale comes to life before your eyes.

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The Open-Air Museum

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The outdoor museum covers over 55-hectare verdure. This is probably the area with the cleanest air in the country, perfect for cycling, hiking and exploring. Each of the authentic buildings hides a special story and is devoted to a different craft. Visitors can see first-hand how the villagers lived and worked in the past. Everyday demonstrations will bring you back in time and give you the chance to test your aptitude at a skill or a handicraft that no longer exists.

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If you are a fan of agriculture and animal husbandry, the area is full of opportunities to try your talents. Learn in which season what should be planted, ride a donkey, or milk a cow or a goat. The return to nature and our roots is a rite that should happen for everyone at least once in a lifetime.  

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The Arboretum of Bokrijk

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If you are a passionate walker, you will enjoy the 18-hectare Arboretum of Bokrijk. The beautiful forest with a unique collection of trees, plants, herbs and ferns is freely accessible every day and its quiet loveliness leaves people breathless in the fairy maze of rhododendron, holly, magnolia, oak and bamboo.

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Cycling through water

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Another magical experience is there to surprise you. A cycle path, 200 meters long, leads cyclists and walkers through the water of Bokrijk Lake. This lovely stroll, in relaxing atmosphere, to the sounds of singing birds, among the aromas of many different flowers, can melt the heart of even the greatest skeptic, caring them as if in a fairy dream. And while cycling or walking light-hearted, the cycle path will lead you in the middle of the region De Wijers and the local reserve De Maten, home to numerous animals and plant species.

Kasteel van Bokrijk

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The Castle of Bokrijk is a well-preserved mansion, built in 1891, in Maasland Neo-Renaissance style. Today, the castle has been classified by the government as a protected monument. It is open to visitors and impresses with its rich story.

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Plopsa Indoor Park

If after this long and dotted with surprises and oddities walk, you still feel full of energy, and up for it, a completely different experience expects you. That is the famous Plopsa Indoor Amusement Park, perfect for all ages. The park is mainly indoors, but there are a few activities outside for the bravest among you, who do not mind the rainy weather. And for the hungry ones, there is a wonderful canteen at your disposal.

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A day in Domain Bokrijk is a day to remember. It is an amazing experience for everyone, so enchanting with its unusualness, it makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale that comes to life before your eyes.

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