Diversity in Bratislava: an ultimate guide for the LGBTQ community

Andrea Kacirova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Slovakia is still quite a conservative country, and in many places outside of the capital, Bratislava, it is not recommended to show affection in public. However, if you are in Bratislava, you do not have to worry. Most LGBTQ people from Slovakia moved to Bratislava, due to its open-minded atmosphere and diversity, so you can walk on the street hand in hand with your significant one and be yourself.  There are numerous gay-friendly places where you will feel welcomed and accepted. Look at this ultimate Bratislava guide for the LGBTQ community to check them out.

Cafes and restaurants

Most of the cafes and restaurants in Bratislava should be gay-friendly, so you don´t need to look for something particular. In general, focus on more artistic and hipster places, specialty coffee places, university bistros, and cafes or restaurants targeting young people, and you should be completely fine. To recommend a few amazing gay-friendly cafes in the city center, I would suggest you check out Štúr Cafe or Urban House. If you are looking for a date night in a cozy restaurant, St. Germain or U Kubistu might be your call.

Bars and nightclubs

If you want to have a drink or two and enjoy your evening in a gay bar, Tepláreň Cafe might be the right option. It is more of a bar than a cafe, but as you might suggest, it will be in a quiet and nice atmosphere, where you will not be interrupted by loud music. On the contrary, if you are looking for a gay nightclub and a packed dance floor, then head to the Apollon Club. Almost every Wednesday, there is also a casual LGBTQ event, so-called Queer Beer, held in different locations. The exact schedule of events is to be found at the Queer Slovakia website. 

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Gay Pride

Like every bigger European city, Bratislava also has its gay pride to show support to the whole LGBTQ community and celebrate diversity. It is called Dúhový Pride, which in the Slovak language means rainbow pride. Usually, the event is very colorful, because many people put on a costume or hold a rainbow flag. The gay pride is held once a year in July, but the pride is only the “grand finale” of all the events supporting LGBTQ that take place in the week of the pride show. Organizers and activists also ask politicians to legalize gay marriages, put an end to any form of discrimination and homophobia, etc.

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Gay marriages are still not legal in Slovakia, but homosexuality is, of course, not forbidden. Slowly but surely, the legislative, as well as people's opinion, is more open towards the LGBTQ community. Bratislava is a diverse city full of cool and warm people, so you do not need to worry about discrimination. In fact, there are a lot of places, as mentioned in this ultimate Bratislava guide for the LGBTQ community, where you will feel more than welcome.

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