Discovering Cascais beaches! part I: around the Natural Park

Vasco Casula | Live the World

September 19, 2022

The parish of Cascais holds some of the most popular beaches in Portugal, and many lesser-known beauties that you should know about too when travelling around the area! On this first part of an inspiration on Cascais beaches', I'll focus on the west side, beneath the Cabo da Roca, following the coastline toward the city center. These spots, presented below, are all inside the area of the beautiful Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, so if you're around Sintra, you might want to reserve some time to visit one of these. There are large beaches and very small ones, with and without supervision, options for every kind of bather. Take your time deciding which one seems best for your trip. So here they are, enjoy!

Praia do Abano

This lovely little beach sits close to Praia do Guincho, and is a good alternative if you don't want to find a big crowd. Praia do Abano has a small sandstrip sided by rocky formations and a small islet at the shoreline. Although it can be a bit windy, it is a beautiful place to discover, and great for a more relaxing and tranquil time at the beach.

Praia do Guincho

Praia do Guincho is a famous sandstrip, one of the best beaches of Portugal! The incredible landscape will give you a huge sand area, dune formations, clear waters great sights of the coastal cliffs nearby. Because of being exposed to wind, watersports fans are regulars here, with some tournaments happening every-so-often. On a day without wind, it is simply a fantastic beach you must visit!

Praia de Santa Marta

A truly lovely sandstrip with an amazing atmopshere, in Praia de Santa Marta you will find yourself amazed at the vegetation around the lighthouse and villa, the lovely intimate shoreline under the palace, with the sight of a roman arch above the crystal-clear waters. It is an unsupervised refuge, perfect for a little escapade from the busy streets and other sandstrips of Cascais. Don't miss this gem!

With Praia de Santa Marta we reach the end of the Cascais beaches in the natural park of Sintra-Cascais. But the parish still has a lot more fantastic beaches to see, following the coastline from Cascais to Oeiras!

When passing by the portuguese coast, don't just enjoy the beach, take the opportunity for a little trekking, follow the coastal trails with superb views, and check out the nearby villages and cities. Have a nice trip and a fantastic time at the beach!

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