Destination Gaziantep Part 2

Elda Ndoja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Having just one story about Ga[ziantep]( it's not enough. This why I am writing a part two where I will be sharing with you tourist attractions and other places to visit. Let's start...

Gaziantep Hamam Muzesi

Picture © Credits to acikrota

A wonderful place to get to know better the history behind the famous tu[rkish hamams]( Displayed in the faithfully recreated hamam are the cold, tepid and hot sections; hamam utensils and materials from the collection of Halûk Perk; and bathing customs brought to life by waxwork figures and models.

Gaziantep Museum of Toys

The Gaziantep Toy Museum, which showcases nearly 600 toys produced between 1700 and 1990, takes both children and adults in a trip through time. The museum, which builds a bridge between the past and present, aims at preserving and cherishing children's culture and leaving it to future generations. Visiting the museum contributes to children's physical and mental development as they relate the objects to themselves, while adults have the pleasure of showing their children the toys that they played when they were little.

Gaziantep Zoo

Picture © Credits to urfagaphaber

Turkey's largest zoo features a huge variety of animals along with safari tours & an aquarium.The Gaziantep Zoo, established by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in 2001 in the Burç Forest, is home to 7,000 animals of 300 species and became one of the most popular places in the city. The zoo, the fourth biggest in the world in terms of its variety of species, also reached 3,110,000 visitors last year.

Zeugma Mosaic Museum

Zeugma Mosaic Museum, in the town of Gaziantep, is the biggest mosaic museum in the world, containing 1700 m2 of mosaics. The well-preserved mosaics depict a wide variety of mythological scenes and individuals and for sure there's a lot of history behind each mosaic. This is a must visit place!

Grand Bazaar

Picture © Credits to ihsanGercelman

We have all heard about the famous turkish Bazaars. Well, finally I got the chance to see one and it was amazing! At first, it gives you the impression of a market located in a tunel with nothing to see but once you enter there it's completely different. There's a lot to see,definitely! The bazaar was quite big and I learned that is part of the official route of Gaziantep, with 280 shops in it. Copper is still widely used within the city and men who have learned the trade through generations of their families construct and clean pots, pans, and utensils. The cobbled and covered bazaar allows visitors to view Turkish coppersmiths at work and purchase traditional Turkish copper souvenirs.

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