Chisinau's majestic Christmas tree

Vladlena Martus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Being the majestic symbol of the holiday, the Chisinau Christmas tree is the center of the New Year festivities. It is always situated in the center of the city, on the Great National Assembly Square, right in front of the Arch of Victory and the Cathedral Square. Usually, the Christmas fairs** surround our fair tree; there are also a lot of carousels and different entertainment options, that "follow" the lightening of the central "lantern**" of Christmas. A 20 meter in height Christmas tree "wears" almost four kilometers of garlands! Why do we have an artificial tree and how authorities impress the visitors of the fairs? Let us find out below.

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Moldova follows the trend

In 2018 more than 87% of Chisinau residents supported the installation of an artificial Christmas tree on the Great National Assembly Square during Christmas and New Year holidays. The results of the survey, according to the local voting, were shown on the Chisinau City Hall page on Facebook. Chisinau Christmas tree has always been a natural tree; however, every single resident was pleased with this "ecological decision," because the artificial tree and the possibility to reuse it in the following years will save the annual budget quite some money. In addition, the authorities can simply change its decoration every year! By the way, now, the locals sincerely hope that the online surveys and polls for citizens will become a good tradition and will significantly influence the dialogue between the city and the government. Just to let you know, Moldova follows the trend - the same artificial trees are already set in such large cities as Saint Petersburg, Mexico City, Lisbon, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, and New York

What does our Christmas tree 'wear'?

Our Christmas tree is usually decorated with more than 1700 balls and ornaments and a massive lit star on its top. More than four kilometers of garlands are set on the branches of the tree. Interestingly, the artificial tree will always be decorated differently, giving the Moldavian designers a huge space for their imagination to develop! In its grand opening, parties for children are usually organized with the participation of actors of the Municipal Theater "Guguța" and different concerts are held with famous artists of our country. By the way, if you are in Chisinau during the New Year's holidays, the authorities spent more than 170 thousand dollars on decorating the whole city! Try to explore it - you will be pleasantly impressed!

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What about the other Christmas trees in the city?

That is the question you could probably ask: "Is there one and only Christmas tree in Chisinau?  Do you have only one majestic symbol of this holiday?". Actually, starting from this year, the Christmas tree in the center of Chisinau will be the only official tree of the city's festivities. However, there are a lot of other different trees throughout the city, but they are way smaller. You can make your quest and find the majority of them! Coming back to Main Square, I recommend you to take a photo near the Fair tree and drink hot wine, that you can find in any of the kiosks on the square. These will be some of the greatest experiences you could probably get during your weekend in Moldova!

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