Charming lotus flowers in Pervomayskyie prudy near Almaty

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November 23, 2022

Chirping birds and a view of the lake with mountainous landscape sounds like an inviting and exciting place to visit. This beautiful picture of nature gets even more attractive if we add charming lotus flowers. This is exactly what expect you at Pervomayskyie prudy near the city of Almaty, which you can visit as a one-day trip. 

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Lotus flowers

The lotus blossom is a unique and beautiful natural phenomenon. In Kazakhstan, the lotus flower is so rare that this type of flower is included in the Red Book. This book includes natural elements that are on the verge of extinction and thus are under government protection. Of course, the damage to such natural resources may entail legislative liability. The lotus is considered an ancient flower that dates back to the pre-glacial period when dinosaurs still inhabited Earth. Also, the lotus flower is known as a source of balance, beauty and harmony. This is why there is a belief that anyone who sees this creation of nature is guaranteed to find inner peace with it. 

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Pervomayskyie prudy

Pervomayskyie prudy is a water reservoir which is located 17.5 km from Almaty, in the Ili districtPervomayskyie prudy is translated from the Russian language as the "water pond of the first May". At first, the pond was called Priyutskyie prudy, which means "the pond of shelter" in the Russian language. According to the history and words of locals who had lived there for half a century before this location became a resort area for tourists, this water reservoir used to serve the needs of the nuns and shelter back in 1917. So, assumingly the pond was created a long time ago. However, in the 1960s, it received an official status when dams blocked the Terenkara River, and three ponds were formed, mainly for agricultural purposes to irrigate fields and vineyards. Later on, this place was used as a recreation area for workers. When time passed, the pond was left not attentive until the moment entrepreneurs took it to create a resort area. Then, lotus flowers were started to be grown in the onshore parts of the Pervomayskyie prudy, and now it is the most attractive place for locals and guests of Almaty city

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How to reach

The official address of the Pervomayskyie prudy is called Pervomayskaya promzona, 11B. A one-way trip with a cab or any regular car will take only 30-40 min, and there you are in the most picturesque place of Almaty in the summertime. There is a way to save up money by taking a bus, but this way will take around 2 hours. First, you need to reach the Rayimbek batyr metro station and take bus 231, which will have 31 stops on the route. After the final bus stop called Voennyi gorodok, which is a military town, you are advised to ask the driver to drop you off in the Pervomayskyie prudy. In only a 3-minute walk, you will have your desired view of lotus flowers

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What to do

The view of these unique lotus flowers motivates people to take different kinds of photos and videos. People have some professional photo and video shootings on this spot. Therefore the resort even built a wooden bridge for that purpose. There is an entrance ticket to the lotus flowering zone. There are some places to have a barbecue or go fishing in this spot, but for this activity, one is recommended to check the prices in the Pervomayskyie prudy resort. You are highly advised not to ignore the warning signs about the forbiddance to pick flowers, but certainly, you can touch and enjoy the view. Apart from that, the pond is surrounded by different kinds of leisure activities and entertainment like kayaking, wakeboarding, boat trips and many more. There are various types of cafes that offer local and Western cuisine at a very moderate price. In addition to seeing lotus flowers in the pond, you can also find muskrats, which are from 40 to 70 centimeters long 

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Pervomayskie prudy near Almaty is truly an exciting and unique place to be, as you will witness a big water reservoir with dozens of charming lotus flowers included in the list of protected natural resources in Kazakhstan. In the summertime, from the end of May till late August, this is a must-visit place, which you should not miss in this part of Kazakhstan

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