Central Kids Store in Moscow: a paradise for children

Anastasiya Molchanova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Sometimes we all want to get back to our childhood and enjoy that careless time. Childhood is probably the happiest time of our lives and memories about it are always priceless. Central Kids Store in Moscow can help you to make this little dream come true: a 6-floor giant shop can offer much more than Barbies and Lego. After being renovated in 2015, the store has become a popular attraction mostly for Moscovites, and if you are visiting Moscow, this paradise for children is a must!  

Picture © Credits to Anastasiya Molchanova

What Central Kids Store actually is?

Picture © Credits to Anastasiya Molchanova

The Store looks like a big shopping mall for kids with a lot of shops, and you are probably wondering what an adult can do there, right? Alright, let me give you a hint! Firstly, if you are travelling with children, they will be excited to see the statues of Iron Man, Hulk, all My Little Pony ponies, Lego girls and much more! Secondly, this place has many activities for the younger generation: a museum with life-sized dinosaurs that explains the life of these magnificent extinct animals, InnoPark - a center of scientific discoveries for kids and many more! The interior of the store is made of light marble, while on the ceiling in the main hall, you can observe a glass Pano with the heroes of Russian folk tales. 

Picture © Credits to Anastasiya Molchanova

What to do there besides shopping? 

Central Kids Store in Moscow attracts a lot of people every day because of its ice cream. I’m not kidding! Ice creams with many flavours, such as chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, caramel must be found and immediately eaten! The quality is very high because the visitors are mainly children, and you know that they are just the fond of this dessert! After eating the ice cream, go straight to the 6th floor and find the Observation Deck sign. The price is 50 roubles (less than $1) and the view is breath-taking! From the Observation Deck, you can see the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow State University and many narrow streets, winding and cozy. It’s a very romantic and nice place to visit in the evening. The sun reflects on the roofs of the buildings and creates many different colors on them: golden shades of the sunset are mixed with pink and blue.  

Picture © Credits to Anastasiya Molchanova

Why is it worth visiting it? 

Central Kids Store at Lubyanka metro station is a perfect place for those who think that walking along the streets is not enough. Watching Moscow from a bird’s eye perspective is a great experience as well. A sweet tooth can enjoy a delicious ice cream and a cup of coffee, and young guests of this paradise for children can find out what their Russian peers are fond of.  

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