Celebrate the Gypsy Festival in Edirne!

Alara Benlier | Live the World

November 23, 2022

In every year, Romani people go down to the edge of Tunca river, in Edirne, on the 6th of May and celebrate miraculous escape of people getting oppressed in ancient Egypt! This 1000-year-old tradition arose when Pharaoh and his army drowned while they were following the people getting oppressed in Egypt, that's why the festival starts in the river. The tradition was also kept alive with so many fun activities. Since it is a salvation festival, people celebrate that pretty colorful and joyfully! The festival starts in the river but the rest of the festival involves a huge fire! As a part of the festival, they light up a huge fire, feast with delicious food, play music and dance till the dawn of the next day.

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But Edirne is not only famous for its festival. This old city can be visited even for its foods! In here, you can eat the best-fried liver, Kavala cookie and the best marzipan in the world. Not only that, Edirne is literally an open-air museum! So if you want to explore Edirne, here is your guide!

The Selimiye Mosque was built by architect Mimar Sinan between 1569 and 1575 and considered to be his masterpiece. This mosque is definitely the highlight of Islamic architecture. Surrounded by four tall minarets, this impressive mosque has a hospital, library, a timekeeper's room, medrese, hospices, baths, soup kitchens for the poor, markets and a cemetery! It is so magnificent that, it is also in the UNESCO World Heritage List!

The interior is also amazing with its clean, spare lines in the structure. Inside of this amazing mosque, you can see that it is covered geometric decorations of Ottoman marble carving. The interior of the dome has the most beautiful painted floral motifs!

Another highlight of the city is the Uzunköprü bridge. Uzunköprü or in English, long bridge, claimed to be the world’s longest bridge! It is also a bridge that connects Turkey to the Balkans and Europe. This ancient bridges history dates way back to Neolithic Era! It is definitely a must visit tourist attractions spot!

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