Celebrate King's Day like a Real Amsterdamer - The Best Way... at a Boat Party!

Iz Elwood | Live the World

November 23, 2022

King's Day in Amsterdam, on the 27th April, is one of the biggest and best annual festival and party anywhere in the world. The absolute BEST way to spend King's Day is on a Party Boat, with hundreds of other boats and thousands of people, cruising the canals of Amsterdam!

An article curated with ❤ and 🍺 for PartyWith, the free app that connects people who love to party. Hi, I’m Izzy and I used to work with the amazing PartyWith team in Amsterdam. Today I write for them on Itinari, sharing my best tips about nightlife in Europe. My goal is to connect people one party at a time. So join me on the app and let’s go dancing💃!

What is King's Day?

If you’ve ever been in Amsterdam for King’s Day (formerly Queen’s Day), you already know that this is hands down the best day of the year in the Netherlands. Whilst it originally began to mark the King's birthday, it feels like everyone’s birthday on King's Day as the streets and canals of the Netherlands transform into one big party! Every year, millions of people come from far and wide to celebrate all things dutch and all things orange in Amsterdam. The city comes alive with an electric atmosphere as it is taken over by festivals and street parties, and the canals are packed with boats decked out in orange decorations. This is one national holiday you can not miss. You won't regret it. Well... and if you do, why not cure your King's Day afterglow at some of Amsterdam's Best Hangover Bars?

When is King’s Day 2018?

King’s Day is celebrated on the 27th April - the King Willem-Alexander’s birthday - unless this lands on a Sunday, in which case the date shifts and King's Day is held on the 26th April. In 2018, King’s Day will be celebrated on 27th of April. The King doesn't wait for the weekend!

The Best Way to Party on King's Day... at a Boat Party

As the biggest national holiday of the year, it should come as no surprise that there is an insane amount of choice when it comes to the events happening on King’s Day. From street parties and flea markets, to huge festivals with hundreds of thousands of people, you definitely won’t be bored. ...But the best way to spend King’s Day? On a boat party. Every King’s Day, thousands of brightly coloured boats crowd the canals of Amsterdam, blaring out music with people dancing on board, as others watch the madness from above. Being part of this orange sea is an unforgettable experience, and a truly Dutch way to enjoy King’s Day.

How Can I Get on a King’s Day Boat Party?

Ask the locals and hop on! Or rent a boat and do it yourself. One way to get yourself onto a boat party is to do it yourself! Grab some beers, gather your friends and find the perfect boat for your party and you’re all set! Not sure how to rent a boat? Check out Barqo, the Airbnb for boats, where you can find the perfect boat for any occasion and free your inner captain.

Can't be bothered with the hassle of throwing your own party? Well don't worry, there is tons of others already organised. Join one of the other thousands of boat parties already happening this King’s Day! Check out my post about the best King's Day Parties in Amsterdam.

A Few More Tips To Party Like A Real Amsterdamer

Dress the way you like, but don't forget about the color!

A cool hat, a silly wig, a crown or a pair of funny shades - this is King's Day, baby! Orange isn't your natural hair colour? No worries, it's the easiest thing to fix on the King's Day!

Keep an eye on your beer! Because otherwise, others will :)

And getting high on balloons is also an option!

An article curated with ❤ and 🍺for PartyWith, the free app that connects people who love to party.

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