Bosnian Colorado: Fascinating Sand Pyramids

Ljiljana Krejic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Whether a water enthusiast who comes to experience rafting on the Tara and Drina Rivers( the Colorado of the Balkans) or a passionate hiker and biker who opts for the National Park Sutjeska and Europe's last jungle – Perućica, there is one more must-see place in this part of the Balkans. Although home to Bosnia's highest peak - Mt. Maglić and Mt. Zelengora, the most beautiful mountain of Bosnia & Herzegovina, this region hides one intriguing natural wonder – Sand Pyramids. Looking more like scenery from the Wild West than green Bosnia, these Sand Pyramids are a genuine masterpiece of nature. A rare and unique phenomenon and nature reserve will unveil a totally unexpected side of this country. So, let's discover together the fascinating Sand Pyramids called Bosnian Colorado.

A rarely seen geo-morphological phenomenon

© Tourism board of Foča / unknown author

Located only nine kilometres from Foča, you will find the Sand Pyramids on the right side of the road to Sarajevo, in the village called Daničići. “Pješčane piramide”, as the locals call them, were formed of sandy clay through the process of erosion that took place over the centuries. Taken away by rain, wind, frost and summer heat, one part of the soil was eroded while the stronger cliffs resisted. As a result of the partial erosion, a rarely seen geo-morphological phenomenon of interesting shapes was created. Rising from the broad foundations, these pyramid-shaped rocks become thinner towards the top, and some of them are up to 20 meters high. Actually, the process of erosion is still ongoing, so the Sand Pyramids are constantly reshaping and growing every day. 

Reminiscent of the Colorado pyramids 

© Tourism board of Foča / unknown author

For the first time mentioned during the Austro-Hungarian rule over Bosnia & Herzegovina, the Sand Pyramids are probably more than 200 years old. Even the Austro-Hungarians were astonished by this extraordinary nature’s wonder and decided to preserve it. Being a rarity found only in five other countries in the world, these sand dunes are reminiscent of the Colorado pyramids in the Garden of the Gods. Also, the Dolomites in Italy and the Devil’s Town in Serbia have something in common with this Bosnian Colorado. Being exceptionally attractive, this locality has been used as a shooting scene for two films -“Captain Lesi” in 1960 and “Winnetou” in 1963.

Where to stay

Being the center of adrenaline activities in this part of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Rafting Center Drina-Tara has 22 rafting camps providing complete service, including accommodation, food and transport. Situated on an ideally located hill that overlooks the turquoise river, this camp has more than 100 bungalows (some luxurious) and all other facilities. Alternatively, you can opt for the Outdoor resort TaraSport or Rajska Rijeka. Both options have great facilities, like facing the beachfront and offering a variety of outdoor activities. In addition, both accommodation providers have restaurants that offer a wide range of local and international dishes, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options. 

A masterpiece of nature

After a short detour from Foča and driving towards the village Daničići, where the Sand Pyramids are situated, the scenery will be typical for Bosnia – a rather rich mountainous environment complemented by the beautiful Drina and Tara Rivers. But once you arrive at the destination, this masterpiece of nature will suddenly emerge in front of your eyes. There will be no other tourists, just you and photogenic Bosnian Colorado. So, do not forget to bring your camera. One thing is sure, you will be taken by surprise and ask yourself how these fascinating Sand Pyramids could be so well hidden in Europe’s last undiscovered gem

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