Blonde or red? Sardinia, an island and the beer

Mara Noveni | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The tradition of beer in Sardinia was strengthened many years ago, with the establishment of the classic Ichnusa beer, born in 1912 and which still today travels very strongly, being the first quality industrial beer in Sardinia, but also in the rest of Italy and well known all over the world. Currently, in Sardinia, the consumption of beer greatly exceeds the consumption of wi[ne](

Although for some years the Ichnusa brand has passed into the hands of the Heineken group, production has remained in Sardinia, and the production methods have not changed, giving an excellent product.

But in Sardinia the phenomenon of microbreweries and small craft beer producers is growing more and more, obtaining quality beers without microfiltration or pasteurization treatments. These are therefore genuine drinks, prepared with basic raw materials to which ingredients or aromas of Sardinian tradition are often added.

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Barley Craft Brewery

This brewery was opened in 2006 by two wine lovers in Maracalagonis, in the province of Cagliari. For the excellent quality, this beer has become known in Italy and America. The peculiarity of their BB10 Beer is that, during the manufacturing process, Cannonau cooked grape must is added to the basic ingredients.

Other excellent creations are the Sella del Diavolo and the Macca Meda, with many fruity aromas reminiscent of citrus and Mediterranean scrub. The Barley Brewery makes direct sales on-site, tastings and expeditions.

© Barley Brewery

Rubiu Craft Brewery

The purpose of this craft brewery has always been to create blondes with a high content of character and creativity. Their Flavia beer, a Golden Strong Ale, was the best in the "Beer of the Year 2011" competition in the high-grade light beer category (8% spirits). The name of this beer is intended as a tribute to the mining site of Porto Flavia, and the design is dedicated to miners. Created as an ideal tonic for these workers, tired after a hard day's work at the mine.

In the Rubiu brewery you can taste beers to accompany with snacks or very tasty pizzas.

Birrificio di Cagliari

This brewery was born from the passion of two friends, who created the first brewpub in Sardinia, where the production, sale, and tasting of beer are accompanied by the tasting of dishes cooked with beer. This is how the brewer's stew, the braised beer, the chicken morsels with beer and curry are born. Most of the beers are named after the ancient districts of Cagliari. Other excellent creations are the Stampaxi, the Biddanna, and the Casteddu beers. All the beers of the Cagliari Brewery are natural, without any addition of carbon dioxide during production or pouring.

Oktoberfest in Sardinia

Among the many festivals around the production of beer in Sardinia, the ones during October are particularly noteworthy. A spectacular festival attended by the best craft brewers, experts at national level, the master brewers and all fans of beer.

As part of the Oktoberfest in Sardinia, we find the beer festival that takes place in the spectacular setting of the Montevecchio mines, in Guspini. Or the Calaris Beer Festival, in the same period.

Without forgetting Mondo Ichnusa, the two days of concerts in Oristano with great names of Italian music and over 100 thousand visitors every year.

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