Best Vegan Ice Cream Parlours in Hamburg

Paulina Kulczycki | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Since people from Hamburg are used to rather grey, windy, and rainy weather, they embrace each slightly sunny day as if it was midsummer in the south. Everyone goes outside in shorts and sunglasses, does barbecues, relaxes in the park, and most importantly: gets a big portion of ice cream to celebrate the good weather! Every traveling vegan though knows, it can sometimes be challenging finding satisfying vegan options. In ice cream shops you usually have to get one of the sorbets, while admiring the creamy and filthy chocolate fudge ice cream you’d prefer (in a vegan version, of course). But luckily Hamburg is on its way to becoming real heaven for vegans – and yes, I’m also talking about heavenly delicious vegan ice creams! Here’s a guide of the best vegan ice cream parlours in Hamburg!

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Eis Schmidt

Eis Schmidt is one of the most iconic ice cream shops in Hamburg. By now there’s eight of them spread around the entire city. Some locals say Eis Schmidt has the best vegan chocolate ice cream in town – and the good thing is, you can enjoy it in vegan waffle cones. In any case, you’ll get to try the delicious homemade ice creams made out of local ingredients, with funky names such as "tough cookie" giving the ice cream shop its strong marketing concept. Even the cow milk is supposedly from organic farmers in the surroundings of Hamburg. Although Eis Schmidt may not have the biggest selection of vegan ice creams, it is still decent enough to be listed as one of the best vegan ice cream parlours in Hamburg.

Die Eisbande

One of my all-time favorite ice cream parlours in Hamburg is Die Eisbande. It’s been my go-to-place for vegan ice creams since a couple of years now, and I think I will never get tired of their famous "Schniggers" with melting nougat, salted caramel, and peanuts or their vegan "Strawberry cheesecake" ice cream. The vegan selection is partly based on soy milk and partly on coconut milk – some of them even without added sugars. In fact, Die Eisbande has an even bigger selection of vegan ice creams than normal ones – and it goes without saying that all of them are homemade. You can also get vegan Ice Coffee with whipped cream, a big selection of big ice cream cups like "Banana Split," and a vegan version of the so-called "Spaghetti Ice," where most of you will be nostalgically taken back to your childhood. Die Eisbande is a real gem and provides one of the best vegan ice creams I ever had!

YOMARO Frozen Yogurt

If you’re more into frozen yogurt than ice cream, YOMARO’s going to be your new hangout! In my non-vegan days I was absolutely obsessed with frozen yogurt – as it’s so much more refreshing, light and healthy (well... depending on the toppings) than actual ice cream. It was surprisingly difficult to find a vegan frozen yogurt that features the exact same delicious sourness of ordinary Froyo. But finally, I found it! YOMARO’s vegan frozen yogurt is just as good as the original – maybe even better! The many toppings are marked whether they’re vegan or gluten-free: you can choose from a wide variety of fruits, granola, cocoa nibs, caramelized almonds, coco flakes, seeds, and nuts, but also Oreos, vegan banana bread cubes and delicious sauces like strawberry or salted caramel. With the taste of this incredibly delicious vegan Froyo, summer feelings are guaranteed!

Luicella's Ice Cream

Last but not least, the ice cream parlour with the probably most experimental and fancy assortment of vegan (and non-vegan) ice creams in whole Hamburg: Luicella's. Opened in 2013 it quickly became one of the most hyped places in town. Everyone talks about it, everyone wants it, everyone loves it. Luicella's got famous because of their tasty and original creations – some of their vegan ice creams are raspberry-basil, peanut-date-coco, pistachio-chocolate or peanut-strawberry-sauce. Since the founders of Luicella's are continually creating new and innovative combinations of flavors, you’ll always get half a scoop of ice cream for free with every scoop of ice cream you’ll buy – only to be able to try out their new creations. But the best about Luicella's is that it’s made out of 100% natural ingredients. Nothing more needed to say – try it out yourself and experience their unique flavors!

With this guide of the best vegan ice cream parlours in Hamburg, you’ll be hopefully able to enjoy your stay and vegan culinary trip in this city even more. Enjoy the summer!

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