Best places for clubbing in summer in Chisinau

Vladlena Martus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Monuments, parks, monasteries and entertainment parks are, surely, great spots to explore in Chisinau. However, let us imagine, that you are in our capital and that you already checked out all of the places of interest, that you planned to visit. What would you do; especially when the night begins? Go clubbing, of course! You can choose among the best places in Chisinau, that work all night and can bring you joy, fun, and new acquaintances. So, let us find out where to go after 9 p.m. and how to have a great time in summer in Chisinau

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Teatrum Meals & Beverages

Teatrum Meals & Beverages is a place situated right in the centre of the city. Teatrum represents an ideal local spot, that is popular for clubbing. However, during the day, you can easily go there and have breakfast or lunch. What about spending the night in Teatrum? You can also go there to chill out, dance all night long and have drinks with unusual ingredients. The music in this bar is cool and modern, and the administration often invites popular artists and DJs to attract as many guests as they can. In addition, you can also have a hookah for a group of people or even just for yourself. Prices, in general, are quite affordable - about 20-25 euros per person for a meal and a beverage. There is also a terrace in the summer as a great advantage to spend the night outside. 

Flamingo Night Club

The Flamingo Night Club is probably one of the most popular clubs for every person that lives in Chisinau. It's often the case for our foreign guests as well. It is situated in Ciocanu District of Chisinau, not on the main street of that, so it's better to get there by taxi. The Flamingo Club often invites popular local artists so that you can hear a lot of modern music as an element of the contemporary local culture. Bear in mind that there is an entrance fee of about 200 leis (about 10 euros). There, as in Teatrum, you can have tasty drinks, hookahsome snacks and meals - mostly Italian, Japanese food, and sit on the beautiful terrace. Prices are quite affordable but sometimes higher than average. Also, please note, that club works from Friday to Saturday from 18:00 to 06:00 and only during the summer months.

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Fanconi Riviera Summer Club

As one more place among the best places for clubbing in summer in Chisinau, I want to present you Fanconi Riviera Summer Club - a pool-house during the day and a night club during the night. By the "riviera" word in the name of the club, you might imagine it near a sea or an ocean, but, as Moldova has no access to the sea, so it's just the owners' creativity. However, near Fanconi night club you can notice La Izvor Park, with little rivers and beautiful nature. From food to music that will transport you to another planet absolutely everything in this place is great. Our locals know how to chill out, but also like to party! That's why Fanconi also invites popular singers to create a high image of the place in public and attract new visitors. Beware, the famous artists' performances rarely come free of charge. Prices variate from 300 to 1000 leis (from 15 to 50 euros) depending on the artist and the day. 

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