Beaches of Nardò: catching the last summer sunrays

Sandra Marx | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Even if meteorologists claim that the end of summer is on the 31st of August, astronomers agree on the 23rd of September as the official end of the sunny season. That means there is still enough time for a spontaneous weekend trip to southern Europe to catch the last sunrays of this summer. How about a trip to the south-eastern Italian region** of Apulia? Especially in September, you will find calm and beautiful beaches waiting to be explored. Let me suggest you explore the beaches of Nardò, a nature reserve and a city beach** in one.

© iStock/minoandriani

A beach section in Apulia that offers more than just sunbathing and splashing around is the coastline around the small town of Nardò. There are two wonderful bays at the Ionian Sea, which are especially worth visiting in September since they are far less crowded.

Porto Selvaggio

In order to get to the beautiful beaches of Porto Selvaggio, you have to go through a pine forest, which is already an adventure! The small path is peaceful and surrounded by wonderful nature. Alongside, there are often small hippie markets with handmade jewellery, while acoustic guitar sounds might even accompany your hiking. The beaches of the Porto Selvaggio park are all stone beaches with crystal clear blue water. Due to the pines, you do not need to take an umbrella, but you can easily find a spot under the shade of trees. The stone beach and water conditions are perfect for water activities, such as swimming and snorkelling.

Santa Maria al Bagno

Only 15 minutes away by car from Porto Selvaggio is the next dreamy bay of the region of Nardò. A small and sandy city beach bay of the little town of Santa Maria al Bagno is the perfect place for snorkelling. The clear blue, clean water makes it easy to spot fish and the underwater fauna, even without having swimming goggles. However, since there is so much to see underwater, and you can easily spot the ground even when the water is very deep, I would highly recommend you take any kind of float with a snorkel and a mask. You will be able to see a lot of fish and fascinating underwater plants growing on the stones.

© iStock/Diego Fiore

These two paradisiac bays are no secret gems anymore. That is why the mild September temperatures offer the perfect conditions for calmly enjoying wonderful beaches and underwater life. Catching the last sun rays in Nardò might be a great idea.

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