Baku - the city of parks (Part II)

Aydan Isayeva | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, as we said before, is famous with its magnificent parks. Located in different parts of the city, each of these parks has its infrastructure, numerous cafes, restaurants, attractions and children's playgrounds. Since the inauguration of the first park in the middle of the 19th century, dozens of new parks and gardens are opened every year. We have drawn the rating of the most prominent Baku parks, that have gained a particular popularity among the residents and the guests of our beautiful city.

Officers park

One of the oldest parks in the city, formerly known as the Boulevard, the Officers park was built during the Great Patriotic War in memory of the heroes who died in fascism fights. After the war, this park was twice named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Hazi Aslanov. The Officers' Park was reopened in 2011, after a substantial reconstruction. The park is famous for its original lighting systems, the magnificent stone fountain, and bronze statues, which have become a business card of the central parks in Baku. The park has an indoor ice rink with a 700 square meters area and an unusual "ice" café with its original design.

Sahil Park

One of the biggest and neatest parks in the centre of Baku is the Sahil Park. This is the place where the capital residents and their guests spend their time. This park, which was erected in the Soviet era, was previously known as "26 Baku Commissioners Square". Today, in the middle of the park, there is a large and wonderful, three-step fountain with a cup-shaped, oriental style. This park is located in the central part of Baku, on the crossroads of Khagani Street, Bulbul Avenue, Uzeyir Hajibeyli and Rashid Behbudov streets. It is situated in front of the National Library of Azerbaijan named after Mirza Fatali Akhundzadeh.

Hagani Garden (Molokan Garden)

The Hagani Garden is one of the ancient parks in Baku. The name of this garden, whose area is relatively small (0.8 hectares), has been changed several times. At present, it is known as Hagani Park, after the name of the great poet Khagani Shirvani who lived in the Middle Ages in Shamakhi. However, this park is more popular with the name of Molokan Garden. This is not a coincidence. There were caravanserais around this garden in the nineteenth century. Merchants from Molokan who brought goods from different parts of Russia often stayed in these caravanserais. Although the garden is small, it is a lovely and a favourite place for Baku citizens. Trees in the garden create large, shade zones. Benches are available in shady areas for relaxation of citizens and tourists.

Samed Vurgun Park

Today, this park, named after the Azerbaijani poet Samad Vurgun, is one of the historical green places in Baku. Located in the centre of the city, near the Baku Railway Station and the Railway Administration building, this park was erected in 1961. Everything in the park looks harmonious and beautiful. This park is one of the favourite place of residents and guests of our city. Traditionally, both elderly and young people come here to spend their free time. Young parents and grandparents bring their children to play different games, young people sit in the shade of old trees, listen to music, skate, and veterans usually play dominoes. Visit this place when you are in the city of parks - Baku.

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