Azerbaijani cuisine: Qutab

Nilufar | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Although Azerbaijan is a small country, it has a rich cuisine, which differs throughout its regions. One of the most popular dishes in the country is Qutab, which is among the symbols of Az[erbaijani cuisine](

Qutab is cooked all over the country. However, the cooking method and sometimes ingredients vary according to the region. Basically, it is a dish containing various ingredients inside the dough. It is cooked on the iron disk called saj.

One of the interesting types of Qutab is cooked in the Eastern part of the country, especially in Baku and Absheron peninsula. There is a special Qutab called “Corat Qutabi”. The name comes from the small village called Corat not far from Baku. Qutab cooked in Corat is smaller than normal size and contains camel meat.The best place to eat Corat Qutabi is Corat village. You can find Corat Qutabi almost in every café of Corat. Another special type of Qutab in Baku is made from pumpkin and it is a bit bigger than Corat Qutabi. In Baku and Absheron, Qutab is served with yogurt and pomegranate.

In the Western part of the country, Qutab is called “Kete” and it is much bigger than that is cooked in Baku. Kete includes greens inside the dough and is served with sumac. Sometimes ingredients include ground beef instead of greens. This type of Qutab is known as “Ganja Qutabi”. Ganja is the name of the biggest city in the West of the country. It is possible to find Ganja Qutabi in the small cafes of Baku, which is opened by local people from Ganja.

Another different type of Qutab is cooked in Nakhchivan – an autonomic republic in the Southwest of Azerbaijan. Here, the shape and the cooking method of Qutab varies. It is also called “Kete” and has rectangular shape. Kete is cooked in a special kind of oven called “Tandir” in Nakhchivan. It is a cylindrical clay oven, which gets heat from the wood and coal burned inside. Ingredients of the Qutab cooked in Nakhchivan include greens inside the dough.

If we are on holiday with our family in the country house or visit our grandparents in the village, then Qutab is an irreplaceable food to make the holiday even greater.

Make your holiday delightful and sincere in Azerbaijan.

Bon appétit!

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