Art and Nature of Trasimeno Lake

Here we are again travelling through central Italy, ideally. One spot you should consider visit is Trasimeno Lake and its Park. Trasimeno lake has seen a constant improvement in the numbers of visitors; throughout the last 10 years there has been 9% raise of arrivals, with tourists usually spending a couple of days in the National Park. Two days may not be enough to discover the many things this land offers, but enough for this place to take a place in your curiosities. In recent years, 2012, the lake hit a historic low of the water level that was surprisingly followed by a fast recovery. In 2014, in fact, the water levels went back up above the reference helping the area of the National Park to experience a certain kind blossoming. Flora and fauna missing for a while started to come back, more activities were possible on the beaches, positive effects that are visible and enjoyable now.

A wonderful way to explore the lake and its surrounding would be to rent a scooter and enjoy a slow relaxing drive on curvy streets, cutting through small mediaeval-style villages, and stopping to admire the beautiful landscapes once or twice.

Or, you can spend the day in one of the beaches of the lake and enjoy the calm and the nature, and maybe try out kitesurfing! Why not? If instead you’d prefer to pick one part of the Trasimeno area I’d suggest you head to the south-east end of the Park and extend your trip to the border with Tuscany. This area is the home of exceptional art, especially mediaeval painting and fine architecture, and nature; dislocated on the territory, in fact, there are several natural thermal springs, some completely public and free. A very special treat you can find among this hills-filled territory.

Bonus for history geeks: The lake was the stage to an important battle (217 B.C) during Hannibal’s march to Rome. The Carthaginian captain surrounded the larger Roman army around the shore of the lake, giving them no chance to escape and winning the battle in unexpected fashion.

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