An unmissable off-road adventure in Lomas de Arena

Vanesa Zegada | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If you like off-road adventures, this place in Bolivia is unmissable. It has challenging dirt roads, a savanna to explore and even sand dunes! I am talking about Lomas de Arena Regional Park. The off-road adventure includes a lot of nature with over 250 bird species registered. The best part is that it is only 30 minutes away from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the biggest city of Bolivia.

The Sand Dunes of Lomas de Arena are the most visited site of the reserve. The special feature about them is that they are not part of a desert. Instead, they are surrounded by kilometers of savanna and forest, where hundreds of animal species live, including exotic birds of all colors. It feels like someone simply placed them right there with a giant hand.

Dunes are not only beautiful. This is also a great place to have fun! From sandboarding to 4x4 rides, you can choose your own style of adventure... or maybe try them all.

© ZoomalMapa/Vanesa Zegada

But there is something not everybody knows about the dunes, and it is quite a curious fact. You will go to a dune located in a specific place today, but if you visit the park a few years from now, the same dune will be somewhere else. This happens because the sand is so thin that, little by little, the predominant wind changes the position of the entire dune. Sometimes, even parts of the forest get completely covered by sand. It seems crazy to think that one day you visit a dune, and years later, the same enormous dune will be somewhere else, right?

There is also some history hidden in reserve. We know it now because, not long ago, several archeological remains of the Chané culture were found there. We do not know its exact age yet, but the corresponding studies are taking place. And, believe it or not, it is not unusual to find pieces of artifacts of this culture while exploring the place.

© ZoomalMapa/Vanesa Zegada

After the fun in the sand dunes, you can ride your 4x4 to explore the surroundings. Whether you drive or walk, it will all be worth it! The wide extension of this untouched area has enormous old trees, with peculiar shapes, next to birds and mammals that you might have never seen before.

On the other hand, crystal clear lagoons are all over. Some of them are temporary – created by the rains – and some permanent. And the low level of these warm lagoons makes them a fun place for children. Not talking about the unmissable sunset!

© iStock-Francisco Revuelta

It is curious to think how the sand dunes in Lomas de Arena were formed next to the forests and savannas, keeping in mind that there are no sandy areas around. And it is nice to imagine an old culture that used to live in this beautiful place. I think you should see it with your own eyes. And it is so close to the city that you have no excuses to miss this off-road adventure in Lomas de Arena!

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