All day & cocktail bars in Larnaca

Anastasia Bartzi | Live the World

November 23, 2022

What about spending a day in some of the most famous bars on the coast of La[rnaca]( Comfortable chairs, sunbeds, hammocks, big sofas and of course, special delicacies and drinks will definitely guarantee you an unforgettable experience!

Are you a morning type of person or do you prefer waking up late?  Whatever your type is "The Point" is no doubt "your point to be". Vintage decoration with wooden furniture and comfortable couches,  run all along the walls from the inside out;  a perfect combination of the low chairs and the high stools, provides a unique view of the open square.

The menu offered is full of delicacies, while the chef is full of fantasy and creativity! Tasty salads and salmon fillets, pasta that brings to mind Italian memories and burgers full of flavor and high quality meat, can please and satisfy all the tastes.

If you are a sweet-tooth, a wide range of desserts can be also found on the menu. You should definitely try Ekmek Kadayfi and ask to have it with mastic syrup. If you are a "night person" and enjoy a good drink, then you should definitely try the cocktails offered in the open space. Even better if you are a wine lover, "The Point" offers you 50 different labels of local and imported wine that are for sure worth trying!

Picture © Credits to istock/ amoklv

If you are a sea-lover,  then you should definitely visit "Bolivar". Its interior is kind of mysterious, since neutral colors domain the place, with a contrasting modern design. Its comfortable big chairs are what make this place a "must".  Inside or outside, you can enjoy your food or your drink, of course, with a spectacular sea view.

The dishes offered in the menu are of a high quality. Tuna tartar, exquisite selection of meat, and cheese platters, are just some of their specialties that can be accompanied perfectly with a variety of  delicious cocktails and drinks.

During the summer weekends,  multiple events are organised with local famous Dj's, who instantly give life to the entire area. In winter time however, they only open for special occasions and holidays -such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve for example,  as well as Halloween and our famous Carnival in February. Later on, in May the bar gets back on full time work, and officially welcomes the summer season.

Picture © Credits to Bolivar House, Larnaca

Quality is one word that can perfectly describe this place. Re-buke is located in one of the most famous beaches of Larnaca, the Mc[Kenzie beach](  The location, as well the services. have certainly gained the people's trust, who rush to visit it daily! 

The interior of the restaurant is a lounge area with big comfortable armchairs and wooden tables. The bar is located in a corner, and brings to mind a "little beach bar"-  because of the wood and the plants hanging from the ceiling. Brown and green are the two colors that dominate the place's interior, as well as its exterior. The exterior is decorated with pallet sofas, poufs and an open ceiling. The food menu offers a tasty experience to the visitors. Sushi, local food, fish, fresh salads and a lot more are being served. The menu changes constantly, so as everyone can try different delicacies. During winter time, only the interior area is "on duty", but from March to October, you can enjoy the exterior to the fullest!

Picture © Credits to Cyprus Mail Ltd. 2017. All rights reserved.

Picture © Credits to istock/ WichitS

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