Admire the beauty of St. Constantine and Elena Cathedral in Bălți

Vladlena Martus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Bălți is the second largest city in Moldova in terms of population, area and economic importance, after the capital of Chișinău. It is often called the "northern capital" and even has an airport. Being also the second cultural center, Bălți can be proud of splendid cathedrals, churches, museums and valuable buildings. Saint Constantine and Elena Cathedral, a genuine Byzantine example of the Russian Orthodox Church, is considered the pearl of the architecture of Bălți. This magnificent white-stone church was built for ten years - from 1924 to 1934. When you visit Bălți, don't pass by this cathedral. Besides admiring the beauty of the building, you can also get closer to the holy place

Picture © Credits to flickr/Photobank MD

The origin of the Cathedral's name 

Saint Constantine and Elena Cathedral was named after the great Orthodox saints, respectively Constantine and Helena. They are honored for centuries by many people all over the world. The Byzantine emperor Constantine, along with his mother Helena, are mostly known for their contribution to wide-spreading of Christianity. Helena, even at her old age, traveled from one holy place to another in order to find the relics associated with Jesus. In the year 326, she built the Church of the Nativity at the birthplace of Jesus Christ. An important thing that influenced the Orthodox faith is that the emperor and his mother compiled and signed a document according to which persecutions of Christians were strictly prohibited. Right after that, their names were canonized and made the most revered Orthodox saints in general.

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/artist Vasiliy Sazonov

The greatness of a true faith 

Built in 1934, the Cathedral is still one of the most outstanding places in our country. The height of the building reaches 46 meters, intending to emphasize the greatness of the true faith. Inside the building, more than a thousand people can participate in the mess. As any sacral place, Saint Constantine and Elena Cathedral was consecrated by all of the rules of the Church. It took place on the 3rd of June in 1935, becoming one of the most important events in the spiritual and cultural life of the city. Until 1961, the Cathedral was flourishing and developing in the place where every lost soul could find the right way to live and benefit. Afterwards, it was closed and became a simple museum for exhibitions. All of the icons, valuable Christian literature and books, as well as splendid elements of decoration, were lost and the murals of the temple were covered with the limestone. The early 90s brought the Cathedral its former majesty. It became again a part of the Orthodox Church and services are held regularly. 

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Walk in the garden and admire the temple's beauty

Saint Constantine and Elena Cathedral is not only the place for praying and holding services. There is a beautiful small garden in the territory of the temple, where you can have a walk and think about the issues that bother you the most. They say that here you will find the solutions. In addition, the temple is situated in the center of the Bălți city, from where you can easily get to other places of interest. Anyway, if you are visiting the northern capital of Moldova, come to the Cathedral, admire its beautiful architecture, explore the old Moldavian atmosphere and touch the history pages of our Orthodox history. You can also burn candles in honor and memory of people who passed away but also those who live - this is a ritual we make to preserve our traditions. The entrance is free of charge. Just don't forget that women should cover their head with a scarf or a shawl. I assure you, you will like this cathedral! 

Picture © Credits to flickr/Photobank MD

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