A taste of Caribbean in Cyprus

Anastasia Bartzi | Live the World

November 23, 2022

What about a little "Caribbean trip" in time? What's the story behind the pirates and their "official drink", the worldwide famous Rum ? 

Rum is one of the most famous drinks around the world with a lot of history- of course, it is well connected to the Caribbean, where 80%  of the world’s total amount is being produced.

The history behind the Rum

Rum comes from the Latin word “saccharum” meaning “sugar”. Rum was first produced in China and India and it was fermented with sugar cane; however, its first distillation was made in 1620s in the Caribbean, where it was instead made of molasses and not directly with fermented sugar cane, as it used to, by then. Using molasses made the procedure easier since they were better refined and successfully "transformed" into rum. Almost all countries around the globe can produce a kind of rum, but the Caribbean one has well deserved its fame during the years. In addition rum plays an important role in the culture of most islands, and it is linked with pirates and sailors, who at one time were given a measure of rum each day to help combating scurvy. There are two types of rum – the light and the heavy one. 

© Photo: kazoka30

The Caribbean in Larnaca

The Rum Tree Bar is situated in Larnaca, close to the start of the Phinikoudes Promenade. It is the place to be for all the rum lovers and not only. They offer more than 60 rums of all kinds to choose from and the majority of the cocktails are obviously rum based. White, Golden and Dark are the three colors that form the basic palate of the rums offered. The combination of those three basic colors with a stunning colorful palate made of juices, fruits, dried foods, spices and ice, offers you a stunning result full of taste and aromas. 

The Rum Tree Bar is specialized in rum and has become popular worldwide. The relaxing atmosphere, as well as the unique style and design of the place can travel you instantly to the Caribbean. The authentic wooden style "conquers" the entire place and creates a unique atmosphere. A simple style with no fancy details, but with an impressive "collection" that hosts all the different kinds of rum, provides you with a unique and tasty experience. So if you are around the city, don´t miss the opportunity to "travel" to our local Caribbean.

© Photo: myguidecyprus


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