A spectacular Motsameta Monastery

Anano Chikhradze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Georgia is full of legends and interesting stories, and I guess everybody loves reading about them. In this article, I am going to tell you about a spectacular monastery that has very interesting stories and legends. Motsameta Monastery is located six kilometers from Kutaisi, that is near to Gelati Monastery, in the gorge of the river ‘Red Water.’ It is one of the most ancient cultural monuments in Georgia


In 735-737 years, the fortress type of a city was located on this territory. When the enemies came to this place, the heads of the city, David and Konstantin, tried to fight against them. They were brothers as well. Unfortunately, the army of the enemy was bigger than the Georgian one, so the brothers lost the fight. David and Konstantin were defending the fortress like true heroes. However, the enemies captured, tortured and killed them. They buried the brothers on the territory of the destroyed church. According to the historical sources, later King Bagrat built the monastery there. It was named Motsameta in honor of died brothers, that word means ‘tortured’ in Georgian.

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At first, King Bagrat built a small monastery, but in 1844-45 years, Motsameta Monastery started expanding. They placed the holy remains of David and Konstantin near the eastern wall of the church. The monastery is located on a rocky mountain road, and from there, you can see a beautiful view of the river valley. 

A legend about the tunnel

Under the remains of the brothers, there is a narrow tunnel. According to the legend, any wish of a person who goes through this tunnel without touching the wall will come true. The most interesting fact about this legend is that people really believe in it, and more and more visitors come to this place to try their luck. This place has a special aura, and people come here to show their respect to the memory of David and Constantin, pray in the monastery and make a wish. 

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The saint brothers

David and Konstantin were declared as saints by the Georgian Orthodox Church because they sacrificed themselves for our country. From the 18th century, the 15th of October is a day of the saint brothers, and it is celebrated every year in Motsameta Monastery. When the enemies killed them, the elder brother David was 38 years old and Konstantin was only 17 years old. We have one more legend about them. Before they were killed, brothers looked up to the sky and they asked God for help. People say that God listened to their prayer, and the sky lighted up. So, people could find their bodies, and the light showed them a place where David and Konstantin had to be buried.

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Nowadays, many people visit the spectacular Motsameta Monastery to see the holy place. In regards to the tunnel, there is also a belief that you have to make only one wish that will come true with the help of the brothers. If you visit the monastery, do not forget to make a wish while testing your luck in the tunnel. 

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