A seaside stroll in Thessaloniki

Chrisa Lepida | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Thessaloniki has something for everyone and a visit there will definitely steal your heart! If you’re looking for info as well as for suggestions on what to do and how to spend a day in Thessaloniki as a local would, go ahead and have a look at my previous articles. The upper town, the castles, the vast sea view, the food, the nightlife, the relaxed lifestyle and of course, its people will no doubt guarantee a wonderful and unforgettable experience upon your visit to the Greek co-capital!

The seaside view mentioned above, is in fact one of the attributes that make the city unique upon visiting. Recently, the municipality of Thessaloniki has made a beautiful renovation of the seaside pedestrian walkway, connecting that way the port all the way to the Concert Hall with many interesting sites and pavillions along the way. The New Waterfront with its high quality planning, as well as its architectural and landscape design,  has been renovated successfully and contributes since, towards the regeneration of the whole city of Thessaloniki. 

While on a stroll, there are endless places to stop for a coffee, lunch or dinner by the seaside. The view is fantastic and the breeze from the sea gives you a sense of free spirit and serenity!  All day, large numbers of locals and tourists head from one side of the waterfront to the other, never allowing you to feel alone at this beautiful urban spot.

The city’s promenade is easily accessible on foot or by public transport and it is a great place to walk, ride a bike or skate in the heart of the city. Of course, there are no vehicles allowed on the walkway, which gives you the feeling that it’s kinda far from the city’s noises and traffic, even if in reality it’s not. 

The city’s promenade, picture © Credits to iStock/ Pnik

During your stroll, you’ll encounter with some of the city’s most emblematic landmarks that are not to be missed; the White Tower, Alexander’s the Great imposing statue, the umbrellas and of course the Concert Hall in the eastern part, offer all a spectacular view of the city’s harbour. 

Alexander’s the Great imposing statue, picture © Credits to iStock/ efilippou

The city’s landmark; the White Tower

The White Tower is as said,  the most recognisable spot in Thessaloniki. In fact, it is depicted on all types of souvenirs while it has been photographed from all angles, in all seasons and at each hour of the day, becoming that way the first image that comes to mind when someone thinks of “Thessaloniki”.  The White Tower is of course inextricably linked to the history of the city, since it has never ceased to play an important role throughout the times.

The city’s landmark; the White Tower, picture © Credits to iStock/ nedomacki

The port’s warehouses

The buildings have been modified to be used as venues for the International Film Festival and to host the Cinema Museum and the Photography Museum. Just pass by and if you’re lucky enough there will be some really interesting photo-or art exhibition.  Its outstanding views of Thermaikos Gulf, as well as the Olympus massif in the far distance, make the harbour a place worth experiencing while in Thessaloniki.

The umbrellas

The Umbrellas Sculpture stands near the Macedonia Palace Hotel and delights the many tourists passing by. The sculpture was set in 1997, when Thessaloniki was the cultural capital of Europe. Adding to its beauty, during the day the sky's and the sea's colors are being reflected by the umbrellas, whilst at night they are illuminated and they appear just as gorgeous.

The umbrellas sculpture, picture © Credits to iStock/ Aivita

The Thessaloniki Concert Hall

Located on Thessaloniki's waterfront, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall has become a reference point for residents and visitors and is an asset for the city's architectural profile. The M2 is a contemporary structure with impeccably simple geometry, using glass, stone and steel, and making the most of the city's sea views and natural light.

The New Waterfront has breathed life and opened up space for long walks and cycling. It is now time to enjoy Thessaloniki’s city centre! 

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