A Great Place for a Cake near Munich

Lucia Gaggero | Live the World

November 23, 2022

I've just discovered how much I love cakes since I started to come to Bavaria regularly. I do not know if this is a Germany tradition, however here in the South of Munich having a piece of cake and a cup of tea/coffee in the afternoon is something quite usual. And what happens when you have a boyfriend who loves cakes so much? That the German tradition also become your tradition and I have to admit that it wasn't too hard to adopt this routine... Hopefully both of us we like to do outdoors sports, so, to feel less guilty and enjoy it at 100% we combine the cake afternoon break with some sports like hikes or s[kiing](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/sledging-and-skiing-in-the-south-of-munich-26sn) or even s[ledging](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/sledging-and-skiing-in-the-south-of-munich-26sn). Moreover when you can have a piece of cake at the Cafe Winklstüberl , you absolutely need to do some activity before because their slices of cakes are just soooo BIG!

The first time I came here I could not believe my eyes, I took a classic, the Black forest,chocolate and cherries who can resist? That piece was just so huge that I almost could hide my face behind it! But not only the cake is good and big, the price is the same as everywhere else, for something around 3/3.50€ you receive one of their giant piece of a delicious cakes. I've already tasted three of them, the Black forest, then my boyfriend favourite: Cheesecake and Poppy Seeds, and the last time I took a classic Bavarian one: Bayrisch Creme (the Bavarian Cream Cake), I wasn't so sure as usually I'm not really into creamy cakes, however I followed the piece of advice of an expert cake's lover and gave it a try. It was a cold afternoon and after a full day of skiing, I was really into having a good cup of strong coffee and a delicious treat, so as soon as that piece of white cake came I cut it with the fork and it was so fluffy, so, light, not too much sugary, with a slight flavour of vanilla mixed with almond due ti the thin layer of marzipan that covers it … bref, pure heaven since the Bayrisch Creme became my favourite cake here at the Cafe Winklstüberl

But there are far more other things that I really love here and that not only the cakes. First I absolutely appreciate that you can have not only a cup of coffee or tea but what they call a portion, which is a nice coffee - tea pot, that gives you 2, 2,5 cups of your warm beverage which is exactly what you need to go with your dessert. I also love the environnement of this place, somehow because of the deco and the furniture, the china and the waitresses dressed with the typical Bavarian dresses it’s like if time stopped back in the 70’s. A break in a traditional vintage old time Bavaria. A sweet stop back in the time that you absolutely need to try if you are here in the neighbourhood. Obviously, even better if combined with some outdoor activities like skiing during winter, there is a super sk[i resort (Spitzingsee - Tegernsee)](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/sledging-and-skiing-in-the-south-of-munich-26sn) at only 15 min. driving from here, or even more fun sledging in the same village, and in summer nothing better than a nice hike in the nature of the surrounding mountains like the Breitenstein (1622m. 1hour hike), the Schweinsberg (1518 m. 45 minutes hike) and the Wendelstein ( 1838m. 2hours hike). In this way maybe you too you’ll feel less guilty when the waitress will serve you your giant piece of delicious German cake.

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