A day trip to Pernambuco's countryside: Bonito's Waterfalls

Fabio Jardelino | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If you have already read some of my articles here, you probably are familiar with the amazing beaches and cultural spots we have in our beautiful land. However, what you still do not know is that in Pernambuco, we also have great eco-tourism opportunities, with beautiful waterfalls, a fantastic and well-preserved forest, and several fun activities to do.

The best place to enjoy all these, without necessarily going too far from the capital city of Recife, is this little city called Bonito. The municipality is located 134 km far from the capital and is considered the “city of waterfalls.” By the way, the waterfalls of Bonito (which means beautiful, in Portuguese) are among the main touristic destinations in Pernambuco.  

© Wikimedia Commons / Edjane

So if you love nature and adventure, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit this place. In this article, I will guide you through some of the best spots to visit while there.

Waterfall Véu da Noiva

The Waterfall 'Véu da Noiva' is without question the best and most famous spot in the whole region. Its size- 32 meters height- impresses the visitor already upon arrival. Despite the strength of the water, it is safe to walk on the rocks and enjoy a bath. 

© Wikimedia Commons / LeRoc

Véu da Noiva is also the perfect stop for those who like extreme sports, so keep in mind that there you can also enjoy a  zip-lining and abseil experience!

© elotur/unknown

As this waterfall is very famous, if you are seeking tranquility, the best option is to avoid the place at weekends and holidays, when it is full of tourists. It is open daily, from 8 am to 5 pm. The entrance fee is five reais (or so, 1 euro).

© elotur//unknown

Waterfall Véu da Noiva II 

Waterfall Véu da Noiva II is perfect for you to relax with this fantastic view while contemplating nature and listening to the sound of the waters. Unlike the first waterfall, at the bottom of this one, you can find a small natural pool, perfect for a nice bath. Nearby there is also a nice restaurant with reasonable prices. It is open daily, from 8 am to 5 pm. The entrance fee is five reais (or so, 1 euro).

Waterfall Paraíso

This waterfall is not very known, but still, it is one of my favorites. Its name means paradise, and indeed that is what you find there. It is one of the few where you can really swim. It is not so deep, though, which makes it the perfect place for children and the elderly. The rocks are also easy to access, with several small waterfalls available for bathing. The place also has a restaurant, in case you plan to spend the day there. If you bring your own food, keep in mind that you can be charged some extra fee at the entrance.

© Wikimedia Commons / Edjane

Bonito's cable car

The cable car is a must-visit attraction in Bonito. Not just because it is considered the largest in the Northeast: with its 1,200 meters length, it connects the municipal events' patio with the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Monte Serrat- approximately a 12-minute journey. What makes this place one of the best in Bonito is the fantastic view you will get at the top, together with a charming little chapel. 

© Prefeitura de Bonito/unknown

My tip here is to schedule your visit an hour before the sunset (you should go at around 4 pm): the view gets even better. It is open from Thursday to Sunday, starting at 9 am to 5 pm. The entrance fee is 30 reais per person for adults and 15 reais for students and the elderly (more or less 6 and 3 euros).

© Prefeitura de Bonito/unknown


Bonito is also one of the best places in Brazil to fly in a hot-air balloon. Usually, the trip takes one hour and starts early in the morning when the wind is not too strong (around 5h30). This is the perfect time to see the sunrise! The price of the trip costs about 450 reais per person (or so 90 euros) - it is a bit expensive, but I guarantee that it is worth it.

© Togethertur/unknown

How to get there

Several companies offer a shuttle service from Recife to Bonito - you can find them easily on the internet. Normally, the bus departs very early in the morning, from the Square of Derby (Praça do Derby), at the center of Recife, but it is always better to check with your company beforehand. 

An easy way to get there is by car. Starting from Recife, once you get the highway (BR-232), one of the most famous and busy roads of the State, you should drive in the direction of the city of Caruaru. You will see plenty of signs on the way guiding you to Bonito. If you can use your GPS, it is going to be very easy to reach the city. If not, try to follow the signs and take the exit from the highway BR-232 to the road PE-103, that will guide you to the city center. By the way, my tip here is to go by car, mainly because it will give you the freedom to visit more waterfalls and enjoy the region without being in a rush. 

What to wear and take

I recommend that you wear a swimsuit, with light and comfortable clothes on top and walking shoes. In your backpack, do not forget to bring water, fruit, insect repellent (very important), and sunscreen. Despite the shade of the trees, the sun can severely burn your skin. It is also very important to bring cash, as several places do not accept credit cards.

© Wikimedia Commons / Sandrokg12

Enjoy a unique day trip through the beautiful Bonito waterfalls. I have to admit that this itinerary is one of my favorite ones in the interior of the State of Pernambuco, and I believe you will agree. Have fun!

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