A crystal-clear Lake Fuschl

Ogi Savic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The most famous region of Austria for its lakes is Salzkammergut, and among all of them a crystal-clear Lake Fuschl (Fuschlsee in German) is the cleanest. The beautiful Fuschlsee is located in the eastern part of this touristic region, in the province of Salzburg. Actually, this picturesque lake is not far away from Mozart's city of Salzburg, and it is very convenient to visit, being situated close to the main motorway A1.


Water in the Lake Fuschl is of very good quality, and it is crystal-clear. Due to the clean water, the underwater vegetation is perfectly preserved. Fauna flourishes as well. Fourteen different species of fish live in the Fuschlsee such as the char or tendrils. Historically, when Salzburg was still a church principality, the Fuschlsee was reserved exclusively for the fishing of archbishops. Back then, the excellent quality of fish and water of Fuschlsee was already known. At that time, the region flourished economically. Not only the salt made them rich, but also the water and forest of the region. Today, in order to preserve this treasure of flora and fauna, all the motorboats are banned on the Fuschlsee. However, you can still enjoy a boat ride on the electrically operated wooden barge, that takes you from the town of Fuschl am See to the Fischerei Castle.



Not only the quality of water is first-class, but the scenery is breath-taking as well. The colour of the lake is unique. Some days, it shines turquoise, sparkles like a gemstone. Other days, it shows a deep impenetrable blue colour, but sometimes, it is emerald green. The lake is located at the height of 664 meters above the sea level, and it is surrounded by the impressive high mountains, that contribute to the idyllic atmosphere of the region. The Fuschlsee has become world-famous as a backdrop for the trilogy of the romantic films about Empress Sissi (Elisabeth of Austria), who was starred by a teenage Romy Schneider. The Schloss Fuschl, a castle that stands on a peninsula at the western end of the Fuschlsee, was used as a stand-in for the Schloss Possenhofen, the place where Elisabeth was born and raised, in the Sissi movies. Today, the Schloss Fuschl is a 5 stars luxury hotel with a spa.



There is only one town, with 1500 inhabitants, called Fuschl am See that is located on the shores of the Fuschlsee. It is known as the seat of worldwide known company Red Bull. Because the Fuschlsee is just 4,1 km long and 0,9 km wide, it is perfect for a walk around it. Some 11 km of paths offer the great views of the lake and surrounding nature from all angles. The whole region, with its 150 kilometres of hiking trails, offers numerous opportunities for the hikers. In summer, a lot of visitors come here to swim, despite the cold water of this mountain lake. There are three official swimming areas with all facilities located around the lake. In winter, the lake surroundings are perfect for the cross-country skiing.

The crystal-clear Lake Fuschl is a must-see for every visitor of Salzburg. Since it is located just 25 min driving from the city, it should be on the itinerary of every tourist visiting this lovely city.

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