A couple of tips for 1st of may concert in Rome

Huge concert with different Italian and international artists, centre of Rome, for free. Maybe these few words are already enough to get you interested in the annual 1st of May concert held right in front of the incredible San Giovanni in Laterano Church. The event is organized by the three biggest Italian workers’ unions since 1990 and right from the start it established itself as one of the most attended happening in Italy. Throughout the decades this stage has been a place both for good enjoyable music and for raising awareness on topics of national interest such unemployment and workers’ rights, trying to combine fun with more serious topics. The fun part came out very good.

Possibly this is one of the few events where people from all over Italy are gathering in a same place, creating a contemporary picture of Italian youth (part of it, at least) that a foreign traveller should not miss out on. As said, the Concertone takes place in Rome, a location covered regarding access routes, so for who finds themselves in another Italian city (and maybe on a budget) the best way to get there is to take advantage of the numerous bus trips organized by different associations and students group for the day. The schedule might be described as morning to night, very straightforward. So, it is for this you have to get ready, a 10 hours music marathon surrounded by people in a chaotic yet very enjoyable atmosphere where having a good time is what it is all about.

Once you arrive you’ll have to set up a camp base, so to speak, where you and your friends can meet and find each other during the day; as mentioned before the concert lasts for a while so it’ll be normal for you and your group to split up, maybe because somebody went to first rows or because that group next to you is doing something so cool your friend must go with them and then disappear for 5 hours (true story). The reasons are endless in a situation like this so just set up a meeting point, relax on the lawn for the first couple of hours and celebrate.

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