5 best dance clubs in Bratislava

Andrea Kacirova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

A lot of people are curious about nightlife in the Slovak metropole, Bratislava. Well, nightlife in the capital is very vivid and diverse, just like the city itself. It has many music clubs of different sizes and music genres. I tried to pick 5 best dance clubs that will always be full of people, both locals and foreigners. Before you go clubbing, you can also visit one of the unique bars to make your night even better.

The Club

The Club is the biggest club in Bratislava with a size of 400m2, situated in the luxurious Inn Hotel. You can expect the best DJs playing electro music, modern interiors with a special hexagon LED wall, wide selection of cocktails and sometimes also go-go dancers. You can book a VIP table, or if you feel fancy, VIP skybox is also available. There is no official dress code, but guests tend to dress more formal and elegant. The entrance fee depends on the event, but usually, it is around 7 euros, and ladies don't have to pay before 11 PM. However, afterwards, the entrance fee is typically 4 euros. The Club is open from Thursday till Saturday, from 10 PM till 5 AM.


If you prefer less-commercial and more alternative music, Fuga would be the best choice. Fuga is a music club focusing on techno, indie and experimental styles of electronic music, but occasionally also rock, metal and jazz. The interior is simple and plain, so you can fully focus on the music. There are foreign and Slovak artists performing regularly, and the most popular event is called Trashold.  The venue also hosts different social events like exhibitions and discussions as well as theatre shows. The club is open every day except Monday, from 5 PM till 5 AM.

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Nu Spirit

Nu Spirit is an underground club focusing also on less-commercial music. DJs and live bands performing in the Nu Spirit Club play soulful music, varying from jazz to hip hop, house or drum’n’bass. If you are a non-smoker, you will surely appreciate a non-smoking area in the club. The venue is open from Wednesday to Saturday morning, but check the program for occasional events during the rest of the week. Entrance fees vary from none to 10 euros for parties with well-known headliners, but there is frequently a chance to get in for free before 10 PM.

© flickr/Martin Hudec


Barrock is a music club that plays rock music. You can admire rock-themed decorations which include 50 years old jukebox with the best rock'n'roll albums. In Barrock you can not only listen to rock music and order drinks from extensive selections of whiskey, or cocktails, but also eat! And the food is delicious, in the menu, you can see mostly burgers, hot dogs, ribs and other meat variations. The club is open every day from noon, so during the day it serves mainly as a restaurant with rock music playing in the background, but during the night it turns into a music club.


Trafo is probably the most popular club, especially among foreigners. The reason for it is perhaps its central location, frequent parties that are held here regularly and friendly prices. Don't expect fancy and creative signature cocktails, but on the other hand, you pay the same price as anywhere else, drinks are quite cheap. There is usually no entrance fee for ladies before midnight, later it is 3 euros and for gentlemen 7 euros. Prices might be higher if there is some special event. The club is open from Thursday till Saturday from 9 PM till 5 AM.

Whether you are more into jazz, techno, rock, or you just want to meet some new people, we´ve got you covered. These are the 5 best dance clubs in Bratislava, where you will definitely have a night to remember. All of the mentioned places are packed on Friday, Saturday, or any other day when there is a special event

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