Welcome to Westerpark!

Head out west from the centre and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find this neighbourhood.

It’s technically a part of Amsterdam West, but is kind of its own little district. There’s definitely enough things to do here to have a fun day trip.The neighbourhood is situated around the lovely Westerpark, where you can picnic with friends, go on a romantic stroll with a loved one, or take the kids out to play. Culture and creativity also thrive here. With a lively weekend market, music and event venues, and bars and restaurants, this district is not lacking in the fun department. So point your compass west and head out to the Westerpark neighbourhood for an incredible time in Amsterdam.

Learn Something New

Is it a ship? Is it a school? Is it housing? At Museum Het Schip, it’s a little bit of everything. The building is hard to miss, considering it resembles a giant ship. It belongs to the Amsterdam School, which was a movement in construction all throughout the Netherlands. So what can you do there now? There’s a museum section in the old part of the school building, with both permanent and temporary exhibits. Learn about the interesting housing association in Amsterdam and admire the ship-like masterpiece.

Get Outdoors

Green as far as the eye can see! Matching the neighbourhood’s name, Westerpark pretty much ties the whole area together. This is the perfect place to relax on a sunny day. Westerpark blends the scenic greenery with a lively and creative atmosphere. Enjoy your typical park activities like cycling, jogging, or renting a boat for the water. There’s artwork and beer gardens all around, and during the summer months you can often find events and music festivals here! This park pretty much has it all.

Sip N Dine

With the iconic Westergas in the neighbourhood, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find some awesome spots for food and drinks. Stay close to the green park and hit up Westergasterras - the dynamic, industrial style bar and restaurant known for its ongoing events like live music and DJs. For a more chill atmosphere, Rooster Amsterdam is a quaint little cafe to help you out with light meals and drinks. If you’ve got a craving for seafood, Mossel & Gin is a casual, but delicious eatery with seafood dishes and specialty gin cocktails you can sip out on their terrace.

The nightlife scene is pretty lively in Westerpark, due to the big open spaces that are perfect for events. The nearby bars are also pretty good at keeping you entertained with music and shows. De Marktkantine is an iconic events venue, which can hold plenty of people to enjoy music performances of all genres. Brewery Troost Westergas is located in the Westergas building, and is a combination of a brewery, brewpub, and shop all in one. They brew over 700,000 liters of beer a year, so there’s plenty to go around!

Shop Til You Drop

If you happen to stop by over the weekend, you should make it a priority to go to the Sunday market at Westergas. Houseware, ceramics, clothing, accessories, affordable art, vintage items, the list can go on! Get your shopping on, or stop for fresh food and refreshing drinks in the outdoor market. Westerpark is a pretty creative district, so you can typically find crafty workshops or events going on with the market. If the weather is nice, stick around and hang in the park, where you may even get some free live music.


Okay we’ll be honest. Westerpark probably has the coolest places to ‘play’. If you’re into games or just love the competitive nature, we’ve got two insanely fun spots for you. Tonton Cafe has a few locations around Amsterdam now. A group of friends came together to open their own ‘barcade’ where you can drink and play the night away! It’s got a nostalgic 80s style vibe, and an incredible Japanese-inspired food and drink menu. Then there’s PONG - Ping Pong Bar where it’s literally a bar with a bunch of ping pong tables. It’s basically every kid’s dream, right? Play the traditional 1v1 ping pong, create a group game, or even play a round of beer pong - if you’ve got the liver for it! One thing’s for sure: Westerpark knows how to play.

Stick Around for a While

With all of the exciting places and events that take place in Westerpark, it’s not surprising that you’d want to hang around for a little longer. If you’re in search of a place to stay, the Conscious Hotel Westerpark is an eco-friendly hotel in a great location. It was a monumental building originally, but has since been transformed into a cool hotel right in the middle of Westerpark. On one side you’ve got the cultural Westergas, and the other is the open park space, so you’re literally in the middle of it all. They’ve got the very pink Conscious Cafe with specialty coffee, and the restaurant and bar Bar Kantoor. And of course there’s an outdoor terrace, perfect to soak up the sun.

There’s so much more to Amsterdam when you take the time to explore all of the outside neighbourhoods! Follow the rest of our guides and create an Amsterdam experience like no other.

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