Welcome to Nieuwmarkt en Lastage!

Although it’s name may seem like it’s a newer neighbourhood, Nieuwmarkt has actually been around for a while. In fact, it’s one of the oldest districts in Amsterdam - dating back to the 16th century! The area is just a short walk from Central Station, and it wraps around the 2nd oldest canals in all of the city. Along with a picturesque view of the water, there’s plenty to do around here. You’ve got two outdoor markets to choose from, authentic bookstores, and vintage shops. Along the canals you can find cosy cafes and bars, plus some great places to eat. Lucky for you the area is in a great location, so you can easily spend a day here and then continue on the rest of your Amsterdam adventure!

Learn Something New

The New Market neighbourhood has you covered when it comes to learning something new. Curious travellers will love the options for culture, science, and art in the area. The NEMO Science Center is a great day out for the whole family - with fun, interactive exhibits teaching you the ins and outs of the science world. You can’t make a trip to Amsterdam without learning about Rembrandt - one of the most famous Dutch artists! What’s a better way to admire his work than to visit his house? Yup, the Rembrandt House is where the painter lived and worked in the mid 1600s. Now you can visit the historic house and art museum to fully immerse yourself in his collections. If you want to learn more about Jewish culture, the Joods Museum (Jewish Museum) is the place to go. It’s a building dedicated to Jewish history and religion within the Netherlands and worldwide.

Get Outdoors

Nieuwmarkt en Lastage is one of the few Amsterdam neighbourhoods without a big, green park. That doesn’t mean there aren’t great spots to enjoy the outdoors! If you want to be let in on a local’s secret, head to the NEMO Science Museum - it’s hard to miss, trust us. Many people don’t know this, but the massive building has a rooftop lounging area that is completely free to visit! That’s right, even if going to the museum isn’t in your plans, on a nice day you can head to the top and bask in the sun. During the summer months they’ve got a small cafe where you can grab snacks and drinks. The perfect spot to chill out with a great view of the area.

Sip N Dine

Brunch, lunch, dinner, whatever you’re craving can be satisfied in the Niuewmarkt neighbourhood. Betty Blue is a hip brunch spot in an industrial building. They’ve got a great international menu with cocktails to pair with it. Restaurant Olijfje has a more laid back style, with yummy mediterranean dishes. If you’re looking for something a little fancier, we’ve got two options for you. Lastage is a high quality Dutch and French restaurant overlooking the canals. Or there’s Sea Place - a massive, three-story floating pagoda-style restaurant on Lake IJ serving different variations of delicious Asian food.

The drinking scene is just as exciting in the area - get your drink on with a great view of the canals! Cafe Cuba is a lively bar where you can go to dance the night away. If tradition is more your taste, Cafe the Waag dates back to 1488, in a candle lit gate house with a cute terrace. Other honourable mentions include Kampai! Amsterdam, Lokaal t’ Loosje, and Hiding in Plain Sight. There’s clearly a ton of options, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Shop Til You Drop

On just about any day you can find a few stalls out in the Nieuewmarkt Square selling fresh food or jewellry. On weekends, though, the area really comes to live with the Saturday farmer’s market. You can pick up organic fruits and veggies, freshly squeezed orange juice, and other tasty goodies. During the summer months you can also head to the market on Sundays where there’s often an antiques market with all different kinds of knick knacks for your shopping pleasures. Waterlooplein is home to the oldest market in all of Amsterdam - Waterlooplein Markt. For six days of the week you can find the square filled with about 300 stalls! Clothing, antiques, jewellry, used books, you name it and they’ve got it. You’re basically guaranteed a great shopping day out in this neighbourhood.


Whether you’ve got small kids with you, or just feel like getting competitive with your friends, Niuewmarket has a few exciting game activities. Escape games are clearly all the rave now - and for a reason! See if you can manage to get out of one of the two escape rooms here: Escape Room Amsterdam - Escape World or Questomatica Amsterdam Escape Room. Or if you feel like channelling your inner Tiger Woods, Glow Mini Golf Amsterdam will have you spending a few hours working on your hole-in-one.

Stick Around for a While

Okay so the day is coming to an end, but you don’t feel like leaving yet. We don’t blame you! There’s tons of stuff to do in the area, and it’d be a shame to leave before you can truly experience the whole neighoburhood. If you want to stick around longer, we’ve got an excellent option for accommodation. The Canal House Suites at the Sofitel Legend Grand Amsterdam is truly impressive. For one, it’s situated on the 2nd oldest canal in the whole city. The canal houses themselves date back to 1678! You’ll have a great view of the water with your own entrance, and be centrally located in the Nieuw en Lastage neighbourhood. They’ve got a swimming pool, garden bistro, spa center, and of course a bar. What are you waiting for?

Want to explore the rest of Amsterdam? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out the rest of our neighbourhood guides to make the most out of your trip to the Dutch capital city.