Welcome to De Plantage

Want to see more than the city centre of Amsterdam? We say to head east for an exciting, lush area.

De Plantage is a small district that’s easily walkable. Plus, the small area is packed with tons of exciting things to do. For one, this is the location of the ARTIS zoo, loved by both locals and tourists alike. Stroll along the elegant and leafy streets for a huge contrast to the narrow cobblestone streets you’ll find in other parts of the city. Take your pick from museums, planetariums, butterfly gardens, and delicious food spots that will have you wanting to stick around in the green De Plantage area.

Learn Something New

How much do you know about microbes? Well after a visit to Micropia, you’ll definitely be more informed! The museum is dedicated to all the microscopic beings inside of - well, everything! A super unique and fun museum for all ages. If you’re an animal lover, the most obvious place to visit is the ARTIS Zoo. Amsterdam’s zoo is a beloved spot in the city, where you can learn about all kinds of animals. If you’d rather go out of space, the Planetarium is a great spot to learn all about what’s out of the stratosphere.

Get Outdoors

Considering De Plantage is just one big green area, it’s easy to get a bit of nature and peace in this area. Hortus Botanicus is the open botanical garden in the area, where you can feast your eyes on all of the beautiful plants and flowers. After that just wander around the area to take in all the leafy streets.

Sip N Dine

Food with a view? Sit out on a terrace or inside one of the restaurants covered in as much greenery as the rest of De Plantage. De Plantage pays homage to the neighbourhood’s name, and is a restaurant serving up Mediterranean dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and a chic and well-lit spot. Box Sociaal takes you to the land down under (so to speak) in the Australian inspired restaurant with sunny vibes and a menu with brunch, burgers, wine, and coffee.

If you need a refreshment after exploring the green neighbourhood, Cafe Koosje have you covered. This friendly bar is like a second living room for locals, but is just as welcoming to visitors. The bar is right on the corner so it’s hard to miss, and they’ve got an outdoor terrace where you can sit outdoors year round. For something on the casual side, you can always hit up Borrl Kitchen Deli for a trending dining experience with international plates to share, plus craft beers and cocktails.

Stick Around for a While

Although it’s easy to see most of De Plantage in a day, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to stay a little longer. Lucky for you, Lancaster Hotel Amsterdam is here for you. Besides, who wouldn’t want to stay in one of the greenest spots in the whole city? This charming Dutch town house is situated directly across from ARTIS, which makes it pretty central to everything. Wake up with a great view and explore the neighbourhood of De Plantage. You can grab a drink from the hotel bar, or if you’re lucky you can visit the frequent pop-up restaurant from renowned restaurant NENI.

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