The Skinny Bridge
De Magere Brug

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Kiss your lover on this bridge and you will be in love forever.

The most romantic bridge of Amsterdam that goes over the river de Amstel, has been a part of the beautiful scenery since 1691, but because the bridge got demolished, it had to be replaced a couple of times.

The bridge that we know as de Magere Brug (Dutch for ‘The Skinny Bridge’) now, has been there since 1934. It is a popular place to propose and was even featured in James Bond’s Diamonds Are Forever.

A story that is being told to tourists about the origin of the name, is that there were two sisters that both lived on opposite sides of de Amstel. They wanted to be able to see each other, but because they didn’t have enough money, a very narrow bridge was built. Although this is a very cute story, the real reasoning behind the name is just because the bridge is narrow compared to other bridges.

Updated on 1 October 2022

Tips and Tricks

Legend says that if you kiss on this bridge or pass beneath by boat, you will be in love forever, so make sure that when you visit Amsterdam with your special person, you pass by (or under) this bridge.

Getting there

  • Walking: a 25 minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station
  • By bus: line N89 (stop: Rembrandtplein)