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Discover the Underground Vibe at Shelter Amsterdam

If you're a fan of electronic music and enjoy the underground club scene, Shelter Amsterdam is a must-visit destination in the vibrant city. Located in the basement of the former Shell tower, this unique club offers an unforgettable experience for party-goers seeking a night of non-stop dancing and exceptional music.

A Hidden Gem in the North Side of Amsterdam

Shelter Amsterdam opened its doors during Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) in 2016, quickly becoming a standout venue in the city's club scene. As you approach the entrance, you'll immediately feel the underground vibe, quite literally. On club nights, a hatch opens up, and you descend into the spacious concrete room with an exceptional sound system.

An Open-Minded Crowd and Unforgettable Nights

One of the standout features of Shelter Amsterdam is its 24-hour permit, allowing the nights to seamlessly merge into mornings. This means you can dance the night away and watch the sunrise without any time restrictions. The crowd at Shelter is known for their openness and willingness to follow the DJ's lead, whether they're playing house or techno. It creates an electric atmosphere where the music takes center stage, and everyone is united by their love for electronic beats.

Cutting-Edge Design and 3D Art

Shelter Amsterdam is not only known for its music but also for its cutting-edge design and 3D art. Lorena Camargo, Shelter's graphic designer, and UNI_VERSE Hybrid Digital Creation Studio have been responsible for the ongoing development of the club's design since 2023. The combination of innovative visuals and immersive sound creates a truly unique experience for club-goers.

Explore the North Side of Amsterdam

Shelter's location in the north side of Amsterdam offers a fresh and exciting alternative to the city center. While the city center is known for its bustling nightlife, the north side provides a more laid-back and authentic experience. After dancing the night away at Shelter, take the opportunity to explore the vibrant neighborhood. Visit the nearby NDSM Wharf, a former shipyard turned creative hub, where you can find art installations, trendy cafes, and even a beach club during the summer months.

When to Visit Shelter Amsterdam

Shelter Amsterdam hosts events throughout the year, so there's always an opportunity to experience the underground scene. However, if you're looking for a truly unforgettable night, consider visiting during Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), which takes place in October. ADE is the world's leading electronic music conference and festival, attracting top DJs and music enthusiasts from around the globe. During this time, Shelter hosts a series of special events, showcasing the best of the electronic music scene.

Dance the Night Away at Shelter Amsterdam

With its unique location, excellent sound system, and open-minded crowd, Shelter Amsterdam promises an unforgettable experience for electronic music lovers. Whether you're a local or a tourist, make sure to check out this hidden gem on your next visit to Amsterdam. Get ready to immerse yourself in the underground vibe, dance until dawn, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Updated on 27 May 2024

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