National Park De Biesbosch

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Oh, the sweet outdoors! Leave the city and enter a massive national park for a day with the family in the largest freshwater tidal area in Europe.

  • De Biesboch is the perfect example of nature near city life and there’s so many things to do right here in the national park. Put on your sturdy shoes and hit one of the many walking trails, ranging from 1.5 - 20km! You can go solo or get a forester guide to lead the way. Find your way around the park with canoes, bikes, or electric boats! All can be rented throughout the day. If you’re an avid bird watcher, make sure to look up! You’ll see all sorts of wings flapping around the area. Feel like trying something new? During the summer months you can take a crack at fly fishing! Tip: You can find your way around the park through downloadable maps, available through their website.
  • Kids in nature: The national park has plenty of activities for the little ones to stay entertained on your visit. Go swimming in the recreation area, climb on top of the children's playground, complete a scavenger hunt in the play forest, or go say hi to the beaver couple Beert and Benthe who live in the BeaverForest! Make sure to check the website for ongoing exhibitions and events - throughout the year they have events like Lambs Day and a sheep shearing party!
  • De Biesbosch is located between the Nieuwe Merwede and the Beneden-Merwede river with “up and down” fresh water, which is pretty unique. Did you know? There is a 70-80 cm difference between the water levels in the area due to the connection with the ocean. The Netherlands is called the Lowlands, after all! Because of this, you may experience “wet feet” during your hike, where the paths become wet. Don’t be alarmed, embrace it!
Updated on 26 January 2022



All Seasons


Free entry; rental prices vary.


Open; national COVID guidelines apply.

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