Piazza Venezia
Piazza Venezia.

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Piazza Venezia, also known as Venice Square, is a historic and bustling square in the heart of Rome. It is home to the impressive Palazzo Venezia, the Altare della Patria monument, and serves as a central starting point for exploring Rome's iconic attractions such as the Roman Forum and Colosseum. With its rich history and vibrant atmosphere, Piazza Venezia is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring Rome.

Piazza Venezia, located in the heart of Rome, is a vibrant and bustling square that offers tourists a glimpse into the city's rich history and architectural wonders. The square takes its name from the iconic Palazzo Venezia, a majestic building that was once the embassy of the Republic of Venice in Rome. Standing tall beside the Palazzo is the imposing Altare della Patria, home to Italy's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of Italy.

The strategic location of Piazza Venezia makes it a popular starting point for exploring some of Rome's most famous landmarks. Just a short walk away, visitors can discover the wonders of the Roman Forum, Capitoline Hill, and the iconic Pantheon. The Via dei Fori Imperiali, which begins at the square, leads you on a journey past the marvelous Roman Forum, eventually culminating at the grand Colosseum. It is an ideal spot to start your day of sightseeing in Rome.

Immerse yourself in history as you stroll through the square and take in the splendid views of Trajan's Forum and the majestic Capitoline Hill. Piazza Venezia is not only a hub of ancient architecture but also a place where history was made. It was here that the Italian dictator, Mussolini, delivered legendary speeches to his supporters in the 1920s-1940s.

For art enthusiasts, a visit to the Galleria Borghese, located within the beautiful park of Villa Borghese, is a must. This picturesque villa houses a remarkable collection of Renaissance art, including masterpieces by Michelangelo, Raphael, Caravaggio, Tiziano, and more. Due to its popularity, it is advisable to secure tickets weeks in advance to ensure entry.

To enhance your experience in Rome, don't miss the opportunity to visit St. Peter's Basilica. Embark on a guided tour that takes you on a climb to the top of the basilica's dome, designed by the iconic Michelangelo. From there, you'll be treated to breathtaking panoramic views of the city. After the tour, take your time to explore the vast and awe-inspiring interior of the basilica at your own pace.

In conclusion, Piazza Venezia is a central square in Rome that offers tourists a mix of ancient history, iconic landmarks, and breathtaking views. It serves as a perfect starting point for exploring the city's top attractions and immersing yourself in its rich cultural heritage.

Updated on 10 October 2023

Tips and Tricks

  • Start your visit to Piazza Venezia by exploring the Palazzo Venezia, a stunning Renaissance palace that adds a touch of Venetian grandeur to the square.
  • Don't miss the Altare della Patria, a monument dedicated to Italy's first king, Vittorio Emanuele II. Take time to appreciate the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as a symbol of national unity and sacrifice.
  • Use Piazza Venezia as a central starting point for exploring other iconic sites in Rome, such as the Roman Forum, Capitoline Hill, and the Pantheon.
  • Take a stroll on the Via dei Fori Imperiali, a historic road that leads directly to the awe-inspiring Colosseum.
  • Delve into the historical significance of Piazza Venezia, from its role as a stage for speeches by Mussolini to its ongoing lively atmosphere as a gathering place for locals and tourists.
  • Capture the picturesque architecture of Piazza Venezia, making sure to capture the intricate details of Palazzo Venezia and the striking monument of Altare della Patria.
  • Feel the vibrant ambiance of the square by immersing yourself in the hustle and bustle of locals and tourists alike.
  • Don't forget to take a moment to soak up the rich history and cultural significance of Piazza Venezia, appreciating it as a must-visit destination for anyone exploring Rome.
  • Plan to visit Piazza Venezia during different times of the day to experience its varying atmosphere, from the enchanting mornings to the bustling evenings.
  • Consider exploring nearby attractions, such as Trajan's Forum and the church of Saint Mark, to enhance your visit to Piazza Venezia.

The opening hours of Piazza Venezia in Rome, Italy, are from 7 am to 9 pm.


The best season to visit Piazza Venezia in Rome, Italy is during the spring or autumn when the weather is pleasant and not too hot.


There is no entry fee for visiting Piazza Venezia.

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