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Apricale: A Hidden Gem in Liguria

Nestled in the forested hills of western Liguria, Apricale is a small village that exudes charm and beauty. It is no wonder that it has been included on the list of the 'most beautiful villages in Italy'. With its picturesque setting and medieval character, Apricale is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking an authentic Italian experience.

A Medieval Wonderland

As you wander through the narrow streets of Apricale, you will be captivated by the well-preserved medieval architecture and the enchanting atmosphere. The village's compact size makes it easy to explore, with most of the sights of interest located on or near the central square. The main street along the ridge offers stunning views of the surrounding hills, providing the perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll.

Historical Significance

Apricale is steeped in history, and one of its highlights is the Castle of the Lizard. This medieval fortress stands proudly on a hill overlooking the village, serving as a testament to the rich history of the region. Visitors can explore the castle and enjoy panoramic views of the countryside. Another notable attraction is the Church of St. Anthony Abbot, which features beautiful frescoes and intricate woodwork.

Vibrant Cultural Scene

Apricale is not just a pretty face; it also boasts a vibrant cultural scene. Throughout the year, the village hosts several events that showcase its artistic side. One of the most popular events is the Apricale Film Festival, which brings independent films from around the world to the village. Visitors can also enjoy live music performances and art exhibitions in the village's charming squares and courtyards.

Nature's Playground

For nature lovers, Apricale is an excellent starting point for exploring the surrounding countryside. The region is dotted with hiking trails that lead to breathtaking viewpoints and hidden waterfalls. The nearby town of Dolceacqua, famous for its medieval bridge and the Doria Castle, is also worth a visit.

Fun Facts

  • Apricale is a member of the "The most beautiful villages of Italy" association.
  • The village is free of modern transport, creating a tranquil atmosphere.
  • Apricale's 7 restaurants serve great traditional fare, and shops stock locally produced delicacies such as bread, cheese, ham, sausages, pesto, olive oil, and wine.
  • The village has been virus-free during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to strict lockdown measures.

When to Visit

The best time to visit Apricale is during the spring and autumn months when the weather is mild and the village is less crowded. However, no matter the time of year, Apricale's timeless beauty and peaceful ambiance are sure to leave a lasting impression on every traveler.

So, if you're looking for a hidden gem in Liguria, make sure to put Apricale on your travel itinerary. With its picturesque setting, rich history, and vibrant cultural scene, this charming village is a true delight for the senses. Whether you're exploring its medieval wonders, immersing yourself in its cultural events, or enjoying the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside, Apricale is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Updated on 27 May 2024
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