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Dear guests, neighbors & friends,

Four years ago, we have helped shape the burger hype in Hamburg with the Brooklyn Burger Bar. What has happened since then - just amazing!

Now it's time for us, in addition to the Brooklyn Burger Bar, to realize a new dream and what we love to continue to promote in Hamburg - High quality food with great drinks! We would like to celebrate this here with you in the beautiful Ottensen - in the Brooklyn BBQ Bar, right next to the factory.

Why a barbeque bar? Because BBQ is an incredibly beautiful and exciting topic for us, along with burgers - where friends, family and colleagues come together to enjoy delicious dishes from our kitchen, directly from the grill and / or from the smoker to enjoy - Soul Food! Therefore, we serve our "Munchies" in a kind of "tapas" form, so-called BBQ Bites, which you can then share in small or large round, but of course not. Do not forget: sharing is caring! ;-)

Here, as always, we attach great importance to handmade products and freshest ingredients. Of course, depending on the season, we prefer to use regional products.

All this we pair with what we've been doing for you at the Streits Lounge since 2000 - and continued in the Brooklyn Burger Bar - carefully prepared drinks - classic or reinterpreted - regularly geremixed. This is complemented by a nice selection of national and international beers.

This combination is the extended result of our memorable NY tours. There is a lot to discover and try again ... Lets go. We look forward to your visit. No sleep till Brooklyn! Jan, Steffen & Team

P.S. For celebrations, events, catering, etc. just talk to us or write us an email. Here's what ...

Updated on 27 May 2024
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