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The Manoli Museum, close to the banks of the Rance, a haven where mingle, between shadow and light, sculpture and nature: this is where the artist drew his creative energy for the past 25 years his life.

Green environment and traditional architecture, the museum presents nearly 300 works by the sculptor, alchemist of contents, artist of the fire ...

The museum opened in 2001 to delight us with the discovery of this wonderful treasure where live sculptural virtuosity and serenity of the garden.

Opening time :

  • May 15 - September 15: 7/7 from 11h to 19h
  • September 16 - May 14: 14h to 19h every day except Tuesday

The Manoli Museum, a short walk from the Rance, is a little haven Where, bathed in light and shadow, sculpture and nature blend: here Was the source of the artist's creative energy During the last 25 years de son life.

Set in a garden amid traditional buildings, the museum presents Almost 300 works of the sculptor, an alchemist of materials, an artist with fire ...

In 2001 the museum ouvert ict doors to beguile us with the discovery of this marvelous treasure house Where the virtuosity of the sculpture lives happily in the serenity of the garden.

Open from april to september Opening times:

  • In May 15th - September 15th: 7/7 from 11 am till 7 pm
  • In September 16th - May 14th: from 2 pm till 7 pm every day except Tuesday
Updated on 27 May 2024
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