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Want some peace & quiet? Missing the feeling of sunshine on your cheeks? The salty ocean air? Digging your sand into the toes? Then this is the perfect natural beach to curb your appetite.

De Haan has one of the most breathtaking beaches in Belgium due to the fact it has largely been kept to its natural landscape . From sandy beaches to dunes to the greenery surrounding it, there’s tons to explore. De Haan boasts no less than 11 kilometers of sandy beaches, that’s plenty of space to choose to lay your beach towel down. Here, you will see beachgoers soaking up the afternoon sun, flying kites, going on the hunt for seashells, and paddling around in the ocean. There are even a few beach bars for the older crowd who are looking to have a drink with friends and relax under the afternoon sun.

There are a few dunes in De Haan, the second highest being Spioenkop. Standing at 31 meters, Spioenkop has an amazing panoramic view of the town and the ocean. On the top, you will find a white pavilion with a red roof. Is there anything more romantic than a gazebo with a panoramic view by the beachside?

History deets: Spioenkop was named after the victory of the Boers over the British in the battle of the South African war of freedom in 1900. The battle was fought in Spioenkop in Natal, South Africa. The gazebo on top is the third gazebo that was built there. The first two were destroyed during both world wars. The final pavilion with the red roof was built in 1955.

Updated on 8 November 2021

Tips and Tricks

  • There are lots of local eateries in the area to choose from if you’re hungry

Getting there

  • By Bus: Close to bus stop Wenduine Centrum. Bus 31 stops here
  • By Tram: Close to tram stop Wenduine Centrum. Tram 0 stops here
  • By Car: Various parking options are available in the area (prices may vary)

Open 24/7


All seasons (preferably summer)





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