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Slow down, relax, have a drink, bring a picnic and enjoy Ghent’s most eco-friendly boating experience.

When in Ghent, touring the city by water should be on your to do list. However, there is a relaxing, fun alternative to the many boat tours on offer: VlotGent. Get on board with Ghent's plans to be carbon-neutral by 2050 and hire one of VlotGent's silent, eco-powered rafts.

Float through Ghent and its surrounding waterways at a leisurely pace (no, really - you're limited to 6 to 7 km/h), enjoying the scenery. This is an ideal group activity: the rafts come in 3 sizes, which can take up to 4, 6 and 8 people respectively and are available to rent for 2, 3 or 4 hours or a whole day. Fancy a change of scene for your evening drinks or an alternative and unique picnicking location? Then it might be worth checking out VlotGent.

  • Located under Ter Platen bridge, they offer unique rafts that are easy to control and are powered solely by the sun and the wind.
  • There are two models of raft: the lounge model, featuring comfortable seating and beanbags and the dining room model, with a table and chairs.
  • Use VlotGent’s sailing map to guide you through Ghent’s waterways.
  • Bring your own food, drink, sunbathe in the summer and enjoy the sights and sounds of Ghent's rivers and canals at your own pace on a private, floating terrace!
  • If you want a fine-dining experience on the river, VlotGent can recommend some good local restaurants where you can get a takeaway to enjoy on your trip.
  • Continue the nautical theme once you’ve disembarked and sample one (or more!) of Kaffee de Planck’s 200-plus beers; you’ll find the barge-cafe just up the river from Ter Platen bridge.
  • Operating even in the colder months when the waterways are much quieter, VlotGent provides you with blankets, but warm clothes and a flask of something hot are a must!
Updated on 8 November 2021

Tips and Tricks

  • VlotGent’s raft station is a 25-minute canal-side walk from the city centre and is also reachable by tram.
  • The fleet is quite small, so it’s recommended that you book ahead, up to a week in advance in the busy summer months.
  • Raining? If the weather is bad on your chosen day then you will have the option to cancel for free and(or) reschedule up to 3 hours before your booking.
  • Remember that the rafts are slow, so make sure you’ve given yourself time to navigate your way back!
  • You can enjoy alcohol on the rafts but you must have a designated driver - or skipper - who must be 18 or over and sober.

Getting There

  • By Car: short walk away from parking garage Parking New Zebra
  • By Bus: short walk away from bus stop Gent Terplatenbrug. Buses 34, 35, and 36 stop here

10:00 am until one hour after sunset


All seasons, blankets provided in Winter.


4 person boat: €75-150

6 person boat: €100-180

8 person boat:€110-220

See here for more.


Open; national COVID guidelines apply

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