Tunnel of Love
La Charmille

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Aka the Tunnel of Love. Maybe you’ll find love or maybe just discover this beautiful hidden gem, either way enjoy the longest forest walk in Europe.

La Charmille du Haut-Marais (aka Tunnel of Love) is 573m of beautiful scenery and is made up of more than a whopping 4,700 plants . Stroll through the archway of trees on foot or by bike. Perfect for a romantic walk out in nature, this refreshing fairytale-like walk has lots of atmosphere and is beautiful in every season! While it’s best in spring and summer when you can see the leaves forming the tunnel, just imagine the autumnal leaves falling gently as you walk or the crunch of the snow in winter. Plus, it’s free to see and enjoy.

Close to La Reid, this hidden gem has a history behind it too. La Charmille began in 1885, making some of the trees over a 100 years old Built by road menders Victor Charlemagne Thorez and Mathieu Compère, it actually used to be longer (about 1000m originally) but some of the walk was damaged in 1940 by German tanks in WW2. Once you get to the end and still want more, you know who to blame!

Eager to get those legs moving more?

Hiking the Ninglinspo: Ninglinspo is a popular hiking trail for a reason. Walk along the beautiful rivers and even pop in for a swim along your way to La Charmille.

P.S Did you know that the liqueur Merveille de la Charmille is made from the buds of La Charmille du Haut-Marais?

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    This walk is accessible every time of the year and is gorgeous during every season.

    — Belgian blogger at flyalong.be

Updated on 26 July 2022

Tips and Tricks

  • Only accessible on foot & on bike
  • Easy to combine with the walk of the Ninglinspo
  • What to bring: good walking shoes, the possibility to swim in the Ninglinspo river and a picnic is always a good idea because the path is filled with little benches to take a break.

Getting There

  • By Car: free parking at La Charmille du Haut Marêt Theux (coordinates: FQCH+49 Theux)
  • By Bus: bus stop LA REID Cercle Equestre. Buses 388 and 465 stop here
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